FFTCG – Plugin Release (ver

– Cards with the ability to reduce their own CP cost – such as Alma (1-153C) and Cloud (1-187S) – and cards with the ability to reduce the CP cost of other cards – such as Fang (1-020R) and Yuna (1-177R) – should now be accounted for when using the “Play Card” function. Hopefully, no more having to drag those cards manually!
– Special Abilities have been added as menu choices for those cards that have them. Similar to the “Play Card” function, it requires you to have the CP total and also a card with the same name in your hand to use this function.
– Added promo Sephiroth (PR-001); check the Image Pack section of the site for his image pack.

Card Fixes:
Yuna (1-176H) -> EX burst trigger was not turned on

4 thoughts on “FFTCG – Plugin Release (ver

  1. hi, cipher here again, i helped you out at the start 🙂

    since opus 2 will be released, a lot of new cards will be included – if you need a tester, count me in. 🙂

    I’ve send you my email, so you can contact me for that.


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