Plugin Release (ver / Opus I Collection (and Image Pack)

Welcome everyone!first_release

Just in time for the release of the game at local game shops, here’s a plugin to play Final Fantasy Trading Card Game using OCTGN.

To figure out how to install OCTGN, the plugin, and how to use both of them, click on the How to Play tab. To download the image pack needed for Opus I cards, click on the Image Packs tab. (If no image packs are installed, proxy images will be provided.)

Have fun, leave feedback, and support the official release!

EDIT: The link on the Image Packs page was pointing to the wrong file. Embarrassing! This has now been fixed.

6 thoughts on “Plugin Release (ver / Opus I Collection (and Image Pack)

  1. The new image pack for FF is CRAP!

    It is just a zip-data which does only contain PNG’S!!!!!!!

    U can’t use that, because it is lacking the o8c data!!!!

    Please PLEASE fix that, because after trying 15 minutes and still NOT getting the new images in, i’m very pissed! -.-###


  2. Thanks for the plugin and image pack! You should take a look at the images for the Fire FFVII starter deck cards, though. Some of them are mixed up.

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