Aug 10

Shootout process improved

Due to the latest changes in the way that default actions for pile views behave, I was now able to implement something that should make shootouts proceed faster. From v3.2.5 onwards, you can now double click on a card while looking in the Draw Hand and the game will automatically discard it. If however you’ve targeted that card with shift-click, then double-clicking the card will also discard all other cards you’ve targeted in your draw hand and re-draw the same amount of cards from your deck.

This way you can quickly perform the draw bullet part of the shootout in a few clicks instead of having to drag each card to the discard pile and draw again. Simply target the cards you want to re-draw in ytour draw hand with shift+click and double click one of them, then simply double click (or press del) each card you want to discard until you go down to 5 cards and you’re ready to reveal.

Jun 29


New update which improves the call out/shootout/posse forming mechanics and adds a new Default Action which should streamline most basic actions via double clicks

  • Now using a Lowball Pot card to store lowball antes. It should make it clearer when there’s a lowball and what the stakes are.
  • Call Out Process has been improved somewhat. To call out, target the dude you want and then use the Call out action (Ctrl+Shift+C). The controller of the dude can now quickly accept (F5) or reject (ESC) the call out and will be moved accordingly in the latter case.
  • If a call-out is accepted, a shootout breaks out immediately. Use f10 to finish it.
  • Added a “Default Action” for double clicking cards.
    • Double clicking on the Lowball Pot will declare you the winner and take the money. Useful for resolving ties.
    • Double Clicking a Dude, while you have an opposing Dude targeted, will call-out the target dude
    • Double Clicking a Dude which has been called out, will accept the call out
    • Double Clicking a Dude while a shootout is going on, will add them as attacker or defender accordingly.
    • On every other case, the default action will just boot/unboot the card
  • Game will now warn you if you’re trying to do something in a phase you’re not allowed to. You’ll be able to jump to the proper phase from the dialogue.
Jun 26


Added a new version which significantly improves and simplifies the goods attachment mechanics.

  • Now to play a goods, spell or improvement card, you need to have a dude or deed targeted respectively. Otherwise the action will fail.
  • Attached goods will be autoplaced on the target card as soon as you double click on them.
  • To trade goods simply target the target dude and use the “Trade Goods” action in the first dude’s context menu.
  • If you only hold one good, it will be moved immediately.
  • If you trade more than one goods card, you’ll get a multiple choice menu to choose which ones you want to trade.

Also changed the phase changing shortcut to Ctrl + Enter to sync with my other definitions and changed the special font from the chat menu to improve readability.