Shootout process improved

Due to the latest changes in the way that default actions for pile views behave, I was now able to implement something that should make shootouts proceed faster. From v3.2.5 onwards, you can now double click on a card while looking in the Draw Hand and the game will automatically discard it. If however you’ve targeted that card with shift-click, then double-clicking the card will also discard all other cards you’ve targeted in your draw hand and re-draw the same amount of cards from your deck.

This way you can quickly perform the draw bullet part of the shootout in a few clicks instead of having to drag each card to the discard pile and draw again. Simply target the cards you want to re-draw in ytour draw hand with shift+click and double click one of them, then simply double click (or press del) each card you want to discard until you go down to 5 cards and you’re ready to reveal.

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