Doomtown includes proxy images when you first install it, so you do not need to download anything else before you play. The proxy images include all card details but lack card art.

Naturally the game is further improved by playing using card art, so below you can find links to download exactly that. Once you have those files, install them in OCTGN by using the “Add Image Packs” in the Game Manager tab.


A great new tool exists to quickly download the card images of released card packs. Just download the .jar file and run it every time a new set is released.

Classic Doomtown

  • High Quality Image Bundle (Last Updated 03/07/2013) – This pack has images that are of fairly high quality to read comfortably. You should definitely install this bundle to improve you play experience. Unfortunately there’s not too many such cards, so whatever is not included will still use the default proxy cards.
  • High Quality Image Packs Updates – The below files are smaller bundles of HQ card images, provided separately so as to avoid forcing you to re-download the large file every time there’s more cards added. These contain either new HQ images or Most Recent Printings of existing ones which contain the existing erratas.
    Just install them in ascending chronological order, after every other bundle (including the Low Quality) and they will replace what needs replacing.

  • Low Quality Image Bundle – This pack only includes some computer-generated card images. These have recognisable art, albeit very small sized, and their text is fairly difficult to read on a monitor. Give them a try and if you do not like them, you can go back to the proxy images (see below)
    Hopefully in the future we will procure the higher quality scans for Doomtown cards which will replace this bundle.

How to go back to using the proxy images

If you tried the low quality bundle and you preferred the auto-generated proxy cards instead, you can go back to them by deleting the image files from your disk.

  1. Navigate to My Documents\Octgn\ImageDatabase
  2. Delete the directory “9afa6473-fd81-41b9-955f-8f67c7d3f423”
  3. Now you’ve gone back to the proxy images.
  4. Reinstall the High Quality bundle if you have it.

10 thoughts on “Sets

  1. What is the point of censoring the cards? I’m trying to teach some of my friends that live overseas, but with the cards with the blanked text it is impossible. I wonder if this hurts more the game than it helps AEG sell more copies.

  2. The point is to show AEG respect for their IP. For 6 months the cards will be censored. To make the full game available from the start, for free, would definitely hurt the sales. This is a game that absolutely needs every sale to be able to thrive.

    You can find all the cards on, and there is nothing to stop you from easily creating a new personal imageset in OCTGN if you are a subscriber. All it takes is a little bit of work, and the will to support the fantastic OCTGN.

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