Jul 02

There’s No Turning Back from OCTGN!

No Turning Back box artNo Turning Back has now been unleashed and available for online play! As always almost all cards are scripted, but look below what to watch out for.

  • J.W. Byrne: Add Markers manually
  • Antheia Pansofia: Not Scripted
  • Huntsmen’s Society: Put or remove +1 Prod on relevant dudes manually
  • Asyncoil Gun: Only makes the pull. Discard manually.
  • Scoop Hound: Simply announces
  • Rapier: Track manually
  • Vitality Tonic: Only makes the pull. Unboot Manually.
  • No Turning Back: Not scripted


May 18

Frontier Justice is now in force on OCTGN

05-fjThe new expansion has arrived just in time to get this town in order. Enjoy the new Grifters!

Unfortunately it seems OCTGN is having an issue creating proxies at the moment, so until it’s fixed, I’ve prepared a censored image pack for the new set. Grab it here

Trickier Scripts

  • J.W. Byrne: Add Markers manually
  • Legal Instruments: Track manually
  • Flight of the Lepus: Might complain when used in lowball. Just press Yes to proceed.

Oh yeah, New Town, New Rules and Double Dealin’ have also been uncensored.

Apr 07

Faith & Fear in OCTGN

04-doomtown__faith_and_fear_cover_by_shiprock-d8on6rbThe first Pine Box has arrived in Town and is now available for online play in OCTGN! As always, almost cards have been scripted with some trickier ones below.

  • Swinford Finds Trouble: Manual Use
  • Under the Weather: Just makes a pull
  • Outlaw Mask: Track Manually
  • Chuan Qi: Add permanent bullets and influence with Ctrl+Alt+I (or B)
  • Valeria Batten: Game can’t figure out she’s a Mad Scientist, you may have to do the pull manually.
  • Gadgetorium: Only Announces

Not only that, but the game now includes the preconstructed decks from the insert for you to play with and tweak.

Also, the Core Set has now been uncensored and you can download it from the sets page.


Feb 03

Jobby Jobs

Latest update (1.3.5.x) has finally scripted jobs. This means that every time you finish a job shootout (or press F10 as the job leader when nobody has defended), the game will ask you if the job was successful, and it it was, it will actually go ahead and script the results. An ambush will ace the mark. A Coach will give you money if successful or give money to your opponent is unsuccessful etc.

Also, jobs have now been scripted to actually move your posse next to the Mark. This should make it easier to tell who is joininf for your opponent.

Finally your job posse will be sent home booted automatically after a job, even if that is after a shootout.

Jan 01

Double Dealin’ on OCTGN

02-doomtown-double_zqekuhI have a new year’s gift fer all you dudes our there. The new expansion has finally arrived into town. Double Dealin’ is available to play with online on OCTGN. Simply restart your client to get it. Almost all cards are scripted as you’ve come to expect 😉

Further to this, I’ve also added the censored image packs for New Town, New Rules and Double Dealin to the sets page, if that’s what you’d like to use.


Dec 16

Some Quality of Life

The latest version brings with it a hefty amount of improvements and bugfixes that should make playing Doomtown:Reloaded on OCTGN a big easier and less mistake-prone

  • Cheatin’ Draw Hands will now have a little icon to make it more obvious, without having to look in the chat.
  • Upkeep will now prompt you to discard dudes you cannot pay
  • Upkeep will now prompt you if you want to pay dudes with >3 upkeep
  • Game will now remind you to pay your upkeep if you try to take a high-noon action.
  • Game will not block continuing to High Noon if other players have not done their upkeep yet.
  • Once all players do upkeep, game will automatically move to High Noon
  • Scripted the Telepathy Helmet
  • Added “I’m Ready” announcement (Ctrl+R)
  • Unprepared will now boot spells
  • Mendoza and Irving will now lose/gain GR when they call out.
  • Scripted Plasma Drill and the other SB1 scripts

Particularly the extra cheating visual notication should cut down on the amount of times you have to ask your opponent if they were cheating in lowball. And the extra checks for upkeep will make sure you never mistakenly forget to discard that Steven Wiles.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any more feature suggestions.

Dec 13

Guide on how to play Doomtown:Reloaded on OCTGN

mplain, one of the most prolific players online, went ahead and created this very useful guide on the basics of playing  Doomtown:Reloaded on OCTGN. Pretty good as far as I can see and will definitelly help you get used to the engine faster.

If you find any areas in gameplay that can be improved, (or any bugs), don’t forget that you can directly send them to me and I’ll try to implement them.

Oct 28

New Town, New Rules, New Definition

Since it’s been spoiled in Essen 2014, the first Saddlebag for Doomtown:Reloaded arrives in OCTGN a bit earlier than expected! All you need to do is restart your client and you’ll receive it automatically. Hopefully the available deckbuilders will follow soon.

As always all relevant cards are scripted for your convenience. Jump in, and enjoy!

Oct 13

First (of many) commentated video now available

I’ve just finished uploading my first commentated video from a DTR match I played today with my Photogenic Death Fourth Ring deck. I’m trying to explain the rationale behind my actions, as well as suggest what my opponent could have done better. Hopefully it’ll be interesting and/or useful to watch.

Sep 29

Bugfixes incoming

I pushed forward a whole bunch of updates and bugfixes for existing cards

  • Fixed Flush and Pairs checking
  • Fixed This is a Hold up
  • Law Dogs home will now boot your targeted dudes, but it will only put a bounty on opposing dudes. (To use it to put bounty on your own dudes, do it manually)
  • Cheatin’ Varmint will announce.
  • General Store will work for spells as well now.
  • Micah’s ability should work now.
  • Remy’s ability should cost GR now.
  • Pharmacy should work now.

Things should be a bit smoother now.