Frontier Justice is now in force on OCTGN

05-fjThe new expansion has arrived just in time to get this town in order. Enjoy the new Grifters!

Unfortunately it seems OCTGN is having an issue creating proxies at the moment, so until it’s fixed, I’ve prepared a censored image pack for the new set. Grab it here

Trickier Scripts

  • J.W. Byrne: Add Markers manually
  • Legal Instruments: Track manually
  • Flight of the Lepus: Might complain when used in lowball. Just press Yes to proceed.

Oh yeah, New Town, New Rules and Double Dealin’ have also been uncensored.

One thought on “Frontier Justice is now in force on OCTGN

  1. Thanks for the speedy update Db0!!! Looking forward to delving all the new possibilities with the saddlebag! 😀

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