Some convenience improvements

v3.2.6.x bring with it some updates which should allow your games to flow a bit faster and less-mistake-prone

  • Side placement now more automated and less mistake-prone
  • Manually moving cards out of table should now clear attachments.
  • Manually moving cards into table from hand will try to play them normally.
  • Added Option to remove someone from posse (for cases of mistakes or take-baskies)
  • When manually moving a card around the table, its attachments will also be moved automatically with it.
  • Jokers will be auto-aced when discarded.
  • Game will now default to single-sided table.
  • Default action on the draw pile will now ask what kind of hand reveal it is
  • Game will not try to reveal a hand if it has more than 5 cards in it.
  • Lowball hands will autoclear after winner is decided

2 thoughts on “Some convenience improvements

  1. “Something unexpected happened. We will shut down OCTGN. If this continues to happen please let us know!”. And here I am, letting you know that since the last update I can’t open OCTGN. Actually, I can’t manage to install the last update [“Error opening file for writing: D:\My Documents\Documents\OCTGN\OCTGN\Common.Logging.dll , … LogentriesCore.dll , … LogentriesLog4net.dll , … NAudio.dll , … Newtonsoft.Json.dll , … OCTGN.exe , … OCTGN.pdb , … Octgn.Core.dll , … Octgn.DataNew.dll , Octgn.Library.dll , … Octgn.Site.Api.dll , … Skylabs.Lobby.dll , … ags.XMPP.dll and … log4net.dll”].

    • Sorry but this looks to be a problem with your OCTGN installation. Try to uninstall it and reinstall it. If that doesn’t work you need to contact the OCTGN developers

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