User Guide

Setting up a game:
Press Ctrl + L to load a deck. Right click the field and select ‘Set up Battlezone’. Both players roll a dice; the player with the highest roll can choose to go first.

Targetting Cards:
To target a card, press ‘shift’ and click the card on the field. To remove target, simply ‘shift + click’ again.

Breaking Shields:
To break a shield, right click and select ‘Destroy Card/Break Shield’. If it’s a shield trigger, you will be prompted to activate it.

Using Evolution Creatures:
To evolve a creature, target the base creature on the field and play the evolution. Evolution Cross Gears are played the same way. To summon vortex evolutions, target any number of the base creatures and summon it.

Using Cross Gears:
Cross gears can be played normally like any other card. To cross a gear, press ‘Shift’ and drag from the Gear to the Creature. To Uncross, click the cross gear while pressing the Shift key.

Overriding Automations:
Automation effects can be overridden by simply dragging the cards to the desired location.

Zooming and Panning:
To Pan the game board, press ‘Space’ and drag with the mouse. To zoom in or out, use the Mouse wheel.

Accessing the banlist:
The current banlist can be accessed from Documents > Banlist

Resetting a Game:
Go to Game > Reset to reset the game.

Useful Shortcuts:
Ctrl + D : Draw a Card
Ctrl + E : End turn
Ctrl + S : Shuffle Deck
Ctrl + R : Roll a Die
Ctrl + X : Random discard
Ctrl + M : Charge top card as mana
Ctrl + L : Load a deck
F1 : Untap all your cards
F11 : Fullscreen

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