Install Instructions

Follow these steps to start playing.

  1. Download and Install OCTGN:
  2. Download the latest image packs:
  3. Start OCTGN and create an account.
  4. Follow instructions to get to the game feed:
  5. Install ‘Duel Masters OCG’ from the games list
  6. Click ‘Add Image Packs’ and install the image pack file(s) you downloaded.

You can now go to Deck Editor to build your deck or start a game from the ‘Play or Spectate’ tab. To show TCG only cards, set Format attribute to TCG in deck editor.

Installation on non-Windows Systems

4 thoughts on “Install Instructions

  1. Karli

    Good day, I was hoping that you could help me. Every time I open my OCTGN game it says: There was an error fetching this feed. Please try again and or delete and re add it.

    I have uninstalled it and re-installed it, but it didn’t fix the problem.

    Could you help me?


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