Image Packs

The following link contains the full image pack which has every card until Dragon Saga set block. Special thanks to Victor Shirosaki for manually translating each card upto Awakeing Saga.

It also has a TCG-only image pack(though some promos are included).

Full Image Pack[DS] and TCG_Only_Pack

7 thoughts on “Image Packs

  1. Bortos Cosmin-Andrei

    I found an translation error on one of the cards from DM-13 Eternal Phoenix,the name of the card is Aquablade and Flame Edge Judgement,but i managed to find the right translation(Judgement of the Flame’s Spear and the Water’s Blade).

      1. Z3phys

        Of course that’s why. But that is not the only one, there others who have been wrongly translated in the past, and updated after I had named them as so.

    1. nitrox

      Did the pack take some time to install before the error popped up? Usually it just shows that error but installs properly anyway


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