Duel Masters OCTGN

This is the OCTGN plugin for playing the Duel Masters trading card game online, with support for both English and Japanese formats of the game. Features include automation effects and English card images, even for Japanese cards.

It’s been a while since Wizards of the Coast shut down the English format of the game. However, the game is still going strong in Japan. Those who loved the game and still want to play, can play Duel Masters online on OCTGN.

Players can enjoy the game as it was during certain points of time in the past in Japan. The plugin currently supports the following formats:

  • TCG – The first 12 sets of the game, known to most players outside Japan.
  • Set17 – This format was highly popular on the now-deceased platform Kaijudo Portal.
  • Set35 – A well-balanced format that was tested for a long time on OCTGN.
  • OCG – The current format of the game. New sets are still being added to OCTGN, so this may be split into more legacy formats in the future.