Current Banlist

This is the Episode 2 Bannlist, valid for DMR-08 JP format. This list can also be accessed from within a duel through the documents menu.

Hall of Fame Timeline
Reasons why cards are banned

Maximum deck size: 40

Restricted to 1:
Astral Reef
Deep Operation
Streaming Shaper
Skeleton Vice
Cloned Nightmare
Nariel, the Oracle
Aqua Hulcus
Miraculous Snare
Infinity Dragon
Pacific Champion
Uberdragon Bajula
Bajula’s Soul
Crest of Mother
Miraculous Plague
Mist Rias, Thunder Guardian
Inferno Sign
Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality
Amaterasu, Founder of the Blue Wolves
Emperor Chirico
Paradise Aroma
Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard
Spiral Gate
Hanzou, Menacing Phantom
Falconer, Lightfang Ninja
Hydro Hurricane
Heavy, Dragon God
Lucky Darts
Mad Romanoff, he Wicked God
Sir Virginia, Mystic Light Insect
Dandy Eggplant
Hyperspatial Dravita Hole
Mil Armor, Mecha King Vizier
Prince Avaraldo, Cavalier of Thunder
Shrine of Rebirth
Orochi, of the Hidden Blade
Colorful Dance
Bolbalzak Ex
Geo Baribari Miranda
Surprise Illusion
Seventh Tower
The Door of Miracle and Mystery
Aqua Melge
Come On Pippi
Hogan Blaster
Savage Earth
Gachinko Roulette
Moors, the Dirty Digger Puppet
Onishura, Golden Twins
Parlock’s Miracle Fever
Positron Sign
Ghastly Drain
Kubrick, Spiral Accelerator
Kiryu Jilves, Gaia’s Roar
Mystery Hippo
Onimaru “Head”, Victory Rush
Rolan, the Oracle

Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny
Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon
Future Slash
Hell Slash
Slash Charger
Dark Hydra, Evil Planet Lord
Judgement of the Flame’s Spear and the Water’s Blade
Aqua Patrol
Cursed Totem
Inferno Gate
Soul Advantage
King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia
Cyber Brain
Emperor Chirico
Crest of Mother
Mad Romanoff, the Wicked God
Hyperspatial Vice Hole
Door of Miracle and Mystery

Combo Ban(these cannot be in the same deck + hyperspatial zone):
Codename Sorge >> Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~

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