Update – Episode 2

This is nitrox.
It’s late, but Episode 2, the second block of DMR, is finally here!
This set block introduces a new civilization, Zero, whose cards are considered colourless.

I’ve made a lot of progress in auto-extraction of card data and images from the DM wikia, and this expansion was possible only because of the support of the community. A big thanks to all the old peeps that worked on the plugin, plus Naveed and Heatedline especially, for helping me complete the program for image extraction.

The sets are:

DMR-05 Episode 2: Golden Age
DMR-06 Episode 2: Victory Rush
DMR-07 Episode 2: Golden Dragon
DMR-08 Episode 2: Great Miracle (7 Hero Version)

DMD-05 Rising Dash Deck: Infinite Attack!
DMD-06 Rising Dash Deck: Counterattack Block!
DMD-07 Deformation Deck Set: Ogre DX Dragon
DMD-08 Deformation Deck Set: Ogre DX Angel

DMX-08 Burn up to the Max! BEST Competition
DMX-09 Deck Builder Ogre DX: Gamba! Katsuta Saga
DMX-10 Deck Builder Ogre DX: Kirari! Leo Saga
DMX-11 Great Decisive Battle: Allstar 12
DMX-12 Black Box Pack
DMX-13 White Zenith Pack

Year 11 Promos

Please download the images from: octgngames.com/dmocg/images/

2 thoughts on “Update – Episode 2

  1. R0ckwe11

    Great job working on those cards! But I have a small question – why did you put DMD’s, DMX’s and Promos from this update into one set? Won’t it be easier to separate them, for the sake of tidiness and ease of deck building?

  2. naveed92 Post author

    We thought about it a lot, but the problem was that we weren’t adding any non-major reprints – and the above sets consisted majorly of reprints, so in the end we had only 5-10 new cards per set. Compared to major sets, which have 60-120 cards, it was decided that combining all these was the best option for not cluttering OCTGN with lots of sets and multiple copies of the same cards, like on TCO. The same thing was followed for Episode 1 too.
    For looking up complete DMD decks or DMX sets(reprints included) you can use the wikia, apologies for the inconvenience.


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