Update – DMR Episode 1

After almost half a year I am happy to release the first block of DMR. Episode 1 is based on a war between the Hunter and Alien factions. There is a new card type “Super Psychic Creature”. This time, I received some assistance from members of the community for pulling card data and images from the wiki. Also, nitrox developed the proxy system which automatically translated most of the card images in the release. A big thanks to all contributors 🙂

The release contains the following new sets.

DMR-01 Episode 1: First Contact
DMR-02 Episode 1: Dark Side
DMR-03 Episode 1: Gaial Victory
DMR-04 Episode 1: Rising Hope
DMX-01 to DMX-07
DMD-01 to DMD-04
Year 10 Promotional Cards

Please download the DMR image pack from the following link:

Please report any bugs or issues in the following section:

Card automations will be implemented in future updates.

If anyone would like to manually translate some of the untranslated card images in the release, please let me or nitrox know. Thank you 🙂


  • Various bug-fixes are included in this update.
  • Majority of the commonly used cards in set 35 format have been automated.
  • New set additions beyond DM-35 are not yet planned for the near future, due to unavailability of databases and card images in English. Expect to see new set releases after a few months. Any assistance is welcome.
  • Massive Update – Version

    The latest update to the plugin contains three new set blocks; God Apex Saga, Sengoku Saga and Divine Evolution Saga. These consist of releases DM-24 to DM-35, a total of 12 new sets. Three year worth of promo cards have also been added.

    In addition, the new image pack no longer employs the proxy system to generate (ugly) English translated images, as the original images are now in English for the vast majority of cards. The new images are beautifully done, and are much better than the old ones.

    – Over 1000 new cards
    – All card images translated with original Duel Masters font
    – New ‘Fortress’ Card type
    – Improved Script performance

    More updates are planned for the future, so stay tuned 🙂

    Phoenix Saga Release

    Added the Phoenix Saga set block to the plugin. In addition, all year 5 promos and cards till DMC-35 have been added. This block consists of the following sets: (Set 18 is skipped due to being a reprint set)

    DM-19: Spectacle Nova
    DM-20: The Ultimate Nova
    DM-21: History of Devil Nova
    DM-22: The Dragonic Nova
    DM-23: The End of the Universe

    As the name suggests, this block contains a large number of Phoenix cards with corresponding support. Also, a large number of new races have been introduced. Particularly, shared Races among multiple civilizations. The focus is on race-based strategies.

    Latest image pack consisting of all cards in the plugin is now available.


    • ‘Saver’ functionality added (by Zerovash)
    • Mass destruction spells like blizzard, day work correctly
    • Death Smoke, Chaser, Clutch etc now target correctly
    • Manaburn effects added
    • ‘Soft Reset’ Feature
    • Various fixes

    Forums are up

    A message board has been set up to handle bug reports and facilitate game discussion and tournaments. Be sure to register if you are interested in the game or ongoing development of the plugin.
    Duel Masters OCTGN Forums

    If you wish to contribute to the project, the source code of the plugin can be accessed here:
    Github Repository

    Also, work is in progress for upcoming release of Phoenix Saga set block. Stay tuned for further updates!