OCTGN Deck Converter Plugin v3.4.0 Release

This version dramatically improves the speed of importing cards, so it should only take a second or two now even for large EDH decks.  I also made a couple of tweaks to how it matches text, and added support for more websites.

v3.4.0 Changes

  • Speed of importing has been greatly improved
    • (100 cards MTG used to take 30 seconds, now less than 1 second)
  • Lines of text that match a card name, but do not have a quantity, now assume a quantity of 1
  • Importing cards with a name starting with ‘Æ’ or ‘æ’ works properly now
  • Importing “personal” decks from cardgamedb.com now works in addition to public decks.
  • Importing MTG decks from mtgvault.com added
  • Importing MTG decks from mtgtop8.com added
  • Importing MTG decks from mtgdecks.net added
  • Importing Mage-Wars decks from arcanewonders.com forum posts added
  • Importing the Mage-Wars SpellBookBuilder text format added
  • Importing Mage-Wars decks auto-adds a corresponding “Mage Stats” card

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