Getting Started

OCTGN is an online platform for playing games, that has many great modules available for it. Below is a brief guide of how to get started with it, and specifically, Call of Cthulhu.

First, acquire OCTGN:

Once OCTGN is installed and running, you will need to make an account, which you can do from the login screen of the software.

By default, OCTGN only has a few game modules available in the Game Management screen. To be able to add Call of Cthulhu (plus several other LCGs and CCGs), you will need to add a feed. On the Game Management screen, click “Add Feed”

You will be given a prompt, asking you for the feed URL. Copy the following line, and paste it into the prompt:

After it’s had a moment or two to process, you will have access to a number of games. Locate Call of Cthulhu, and click the Install button.

Installation could take a couple of minutes.

Now, you can add images. On the Game Management screen, while you have Call of Cthulhu highlighted, you will see an Add Card Images button. Clicking it will ask you what .o8c file you would like to open. You may select multiple .o8c files, and you can download those o8c files from the “Set Images” link at the top of this page.

NOTE: You don’t need to install card images to play. The game comes with proxy images that are completely playable, just not as pretty.

Now you’re ready to start playing. Over the next few days, I will be expanding this document, to walk you through getting started in your first online game of Call of Cthulhu.

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    • Octgn technically works with tablets (non rt windows tablets, anyway), but that touch interface isn’t up to snuff yet. It’s being worked on.

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