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      • Added a dropbox link. I’d still like to see some users seeding the magnet link. I’m seeding it, but I’m not sure if anyone can see it.

        • thanks.

          tried the magnet link again but now it is broken completely and doesn’t link to a torrent.
          Dropbox link works well.

          • The wordpress site doesn’t allow me to post magnet links. So when I edited the page, it stropped out some vital info. I’ll have to get the site admin to fix the link again.

  1. Any ETA on images for Denizens of the Underworld? What about the Sleeper Below and the next expansion The Greater Good? I would like to see these added and was just curious what the projects status was. Thanks for all the work, it is very much appreciated.

  2. Wow thanks for the quick reply! I understand about priorities and it’s just good to know you are still around and working on things. As long as I know that I can relax knowing it’ll be there eventually 🙂

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  4. Great to see the DoU set in it’s beauty! Thanks again for what you do, you may not hear it from a lot of people but it’s really great work!

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