Jan 01

Chatting while playing

Just so you know, we have a mumble channel for OCTGN Call of Cthulhu players:


If you don’t have mumble, you can get it at:


Dec 26

Importing Decks

A few people have asked me about importing decks into OCTGN from online deckbuilders. While cardgamedb.com’s Call of Cthulhu deckbuilder has an “Export to OCTGN” function, it does not actually create valid OCTGN decks. Though I’ve made several attempts to contact the Powers That Be over at cardgamedb.com , I’ve not yet had any luck. With luck, I’ll hear back from them, and be able to help them get a working export format.

In the meantime, there is another way…
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Dec 16

Call of Cthulhu version


Update to the interim release. Mostly fixes for non-automated play.

* Move to Bottom of Deck added
* Rewrote first player selection method. Now determines player
before cards are drawn.
* Fixed Mulligan and Random Discard
* Fixed the ability to exhaust Support cards
* Added the ability to refresh all (if you have Turn/Phase animations on
this is automatic)
* Worked out several card automations. Most of The Agency in Core Set now works.

Dec 09

Intereim Release!

Call of Cthulhu has been released!

Right now, most of the automations, which are still a work in progress, are disabled. Feel free to turn them on and play around with the way the game plays, but understand that the features are still in beta. As I get the automations coded, I’ll be making these enabled by default, but in the meantime, here’s a playable (I believe) version, that contains Terror in Venice.

As always, if you spot any glaring (or not glaring) errors, please let me know!



Nov 08

Board Layout

I’d like some input from CoC players:

As you can see in the pictures, I’ve got domains set up at the bottom center of the play area. I’ve also left two extra spots for additionally played domains. I’m toying with the idea of placing the domains horizontally to the left of the player’s play area instead. My thought is this would make it easier to place characters and support cards, as it would leave two rows available in the center.

Do you guys have any input?