Call of Cthulhu Released

Another small release, fixing a few resourcing bugs and requests.

* You may now override resourcing restrictions.
* Re-resourcing cards should stack them properly now.
* Resource counts should be more stable on cards now.


9 thoughts on “Call of Cthulhu Released

  1. I did not know where to post or who to contact, so I’ll do it here.

    The card “Hack Journalist” from Forgotten Lore is listed as an Agency card in the deck editor but is actually a Syndicate card. It would be nice if it was fixed.


    • This is certainly the right place to post such things. I’ll get it fixed and released ASAP. I need to catch up on some decks anyway.

  2. Wasn’t sure where to ask this.

    Can you add an option to “Reveal the top X cards”? There are options to peek at your deck, and to show your deck, but no cut-and-dried way that shows the top card(s) of your deck (in a way that the chat log shows).

    Or better yet, can you make the chat log say “Player moved [CARDNAME] to the table from the top of their deck.” ? As it stands, it just says I put the card on the table (maybe it says from my deck), but not that it came from the TOP of the deck.


    • The [Cardname] issue is a OCTGN issue that’s still being worked on. However, I’ll see if I can add something to reveal X cards. I won’t be able to work on it til I get back from Origins, though.

  3. Also, awesome work on this! The system is really good, really clean, and really useful! Is there a way to download the game packages so I can install them locally? I like to have backups of things, just in case.

    Oh, and what is the light-colored rectangle on the board for? I see slots for all the stories and conspiracies, but each player has an extra random light-colored spot. What is that?

    Thanks again!

    • That is the “pending card” zone, where cards will go before they’re paid for/resolved, once automation is complete.

  4. Just found OCTGN and a friend and I were trying to play using the automation, were trying to allocate characters to storys during the story phase but when we try to target the story it says something but I cant recall what, something about it not having any actions at this point. Sorry to post the question here, just not sure where else to post it. 🙂

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