Importing Decks

A few people have asked me about importing decks into OCTGN from online deckbuilders. While’s Call of Cthulhu deckbuilder has an “Export to OCTGN” function, it does not actually create valid OCTGN decks. Though I’ve made several attempts to contact the Powers That Be over at , I’ve not yet had any luck. With luck, I’ll hear back from them, and be able to help them get a working export format.

In the meantime, there is another way…

Splatz has created a great deck importer that works very well at pulling in deck lists from text. However, it doesn’t like CoC’s unique or Steadfast card names (The symbols at the beginning of the name throw it off). To solve that, I’ve compiled a version that ignores those characters.

Install it into your OCTGN folder, then you can access the converter from the Plugins menu of the Deck Builder.

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