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Example of a custom cardSo do you want to create your own set of cards for Card Fighters’ Clash? Shoryuken!

The CFC team loves the contributions by the users, so feel free to send us your custom set! New cards will be evaluated for their inclusion in future expansion sets (always under the approval of their creators).

We use Magic Set Editor 2 to create and maintain sets of cards. It’s a useful software that allows the creation of cards for any game, see statistics, render the cards and export the set in a format that can be used in OCTGN.

How to start

We have created a template for MSE2 to make easier the creation of new cards. Please follow these steps to install the required software (only works on Windows):

  • Download and install Magic Set Editor 2.
  • Install the Card Fighters’ Clash template:
    • Download and unzip the template files.
    • Copy the folders which names starts with cfc into your %MSE2-installation-dir%/data/ folder.
  • Download and install the fonts zip file (it contains font files to properly render the text of the cards).
  • Open MSE2.

Creating a new set of cards

Now you are ready to start designing your own cards for CFC. Just open MSE2 and follow these steps to create a new set:

  • In the welcome screen, select “New set”, then select “CFC” as game type and “Normal” for the card style.
    MSE2 New set screen
  • A new window will appear, the Set Editor. Click on the tab “Set Info” and fill the required fields:
    • Title of your set
    • Game: Card Fighters’ Clash
    • Set Code (three alphanumeric, uppercase characters; e.g.: AES)
    • Draw a Symbol for your set
    • Version of your set (try to follow the semantic versioning convention, e.g.: 1.2.0)
    • GUID and Booster Pack GUID (you can use an online tool like Online GUID generator to generate some GUIDs)

    MSE2 Set info screen

  • Click on the “Cards” tab to add new cards.

If you need assistance with MSE2, please check the official website

Cards design guidelines

Just a few notions on how to design new cards. These are general guidelines that may help you to create  balanced cards.

  1. Usually, the abilities of characters with low rarity (D, C) tend to affect both players (compare Gaira’s Shout! ability with Kyoko’s Massage ability).
  2. Very powerful characters (Geese, Zero Akuma) or characters with very powerful abilities (Jin Saotome, Kyo) have a SP value of -1.
  3. Powerful characters have one or two back-ups.
  4. The range of characters’ BP goes from 100 to 1500.
  5. Unlike other CCG, players can get control of any card in the board and add them into any of his piles. (During a game there is no “owner” of cards, just “controllers”.)
  6. Character’s BP and SP follows this simple correlation: The higher BP, the less SP.
    BP SP
    100 7
    200 6
    300 5
    400 4
    500 3
    600 2
    700 1
    800 0

    If the character has an ability, subtract 1 SP.
    If the ability has some penalties, maybe you don’t need to subtract SP (or you can even increment them, as it happens with the card Blodia).
    For characters with BP higher than 800, apply second point of this list (or design an ability with a drawback or downside).

Exporting your set

To test your cards on OCTGN, please use MSE2 export feature:

  • In the menu bar click on “File > Export > HTML…”.
  • In the “Export to HTML” window select the “OCTGN” template.
  • Select “Entire set” in the option “Cards to export”.
  • Check the export options:
    • Game GUID: e3d56d9e-900d-49c6-b6ae-22cbb51be153
    • Game version: Use the latest version of the OCTGN CFC plugin. You can find it here or in the “Games Manager” tab in OCTGN.
    • Images: No
  • Click on the OK button. A destination window will appear. Write a name for the set file and click on Save.

MSE2 Export to OCTGN

Now that the set has been exported, is time to add it to your OCTGN software installation:

  • Please make sure that OCTGN is not running.
  • Browse to the folder where you saved the file. There should be a folder named “set-files”, and inside you will found the set file set.xml. This file contains all of your cards.
  • Browse to CFC game plugin Sets folder on your OCTGN installation directory (typically documents/OCTGN/GameDatabase/e3d56d9e-900d-49c6-b6ae-22cbb51be153/Sets/)
  • Under this folder create a new folder with the name equal to the GUID of your set.
  • Copy the set.xml file into this new folder.

After following the previous steps, run OCTGN and open the Deck Editor. Your set should now be available.

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