What are the differences with the video game SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters’ Clash 2 Expand Edition?

The mechanics of CFC are the same as the video game, but with the following differences:

  • The Ring has four slots where to place characters instead of three.
  • Character cards can have negative SP values, like Action and Reaction cards. To play a character with negative SP you must spend that amount from your SP.
  • Character cards have a subtype (Agent, Boss, Fighter, Pilot, Samurai…).
  • Character cards don’t show a list of names of characters it accepts as backups. Instead they show a list of character subtypes.
  • Players own an additional Removed Pile, where their cards removed form the game are put.

Why card XXXX has Y SP whereas in the video game it has Z SP?

To make the game more enjoyable some decisions where taken to balance the game, that mainly affected character cards.
Characters with low BP now have higher SP value than cards with high BP. That means no more useless cards like Cathy & Roddy in the video game.

Depending on the power of character’s ability its SP is decreased. For some characters the SP have a negative value due to its powerful abilities, like Kyo’s Orochi Wave or Jin Saotome’s Saotome Dynamite.

Why my HP is 30 instead of 3000?

For the sake of simplicity HP, BP and damage points are divided by 100. Small numbers for counters are easier to manage in OCTGN than large numbers, since the counters are usually modified in increments of 1.

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