How To Play

NOTE: CAH works better in one-sided table mode.  The game host should uncheck the “Use Two-Sided Table” option before starting the game.


CAH comes bundled with several decks — one for each expansion that has been released.  You can load them all, or you can mix-and-match the ones you like.  Keep in mind though that these are GLOBAL/SHARED decks that all players can draw from.

You can also create your own custom decks through the deck editor. These custom decks will load to your own personal deck area, and only you can draw from them.  You do not need a local deck if somebody already loaded a GLOBAL one, but you will always draw from your local deck first.

There are a lot of cards in CAH decks, and the game takes several seconds to load them.  OCTGN may look like it froze during this time, please be patient!  Only one person should load a GLOBAL Deck.

Cards are drawn at random from decks, so you do not need to shuffle them!


To draw a WHITE Answer card, use the CTRL+D hotkey (or CTRL+SHIFT+D to refill your hand to 10 cards).  You can also right-click the WHITE deck pile in your player tab to find the Draw actions, even if that deck is empty.

If you loaded a custom deck, it will always draw from that deck as long as there are cards left in it. Otherwise, it defaults to the GLOBAL deck.

Due to the large sizes of the decks, it may take a few seconds for the draw to finish.


The Card Czar is the active player, who plays the BLACK Question card for the round.  They also choose which answer is the funniest, and who gets the Awesome Point for the round.

To become the Card Czar, simply make sure that you are the Active Player.  You do this through the built-in Turns system (the green Triangle in the player Tabs).

PLAYING A QUESTION (card czar only)

Only the Card Czar may play new BLACK questions.

To play a new BLACK question, right-click the Table (or your BLACK Question deck area) and select “Play a New Question”.  Similar to drawing WHITE Answer cards, the game will default to the GLOBAL Deck unless you loaded a custom Question Deck.

You can’t play a new question if there is already a question on the table.

ANSWERING A QUESTION (everyone else)

After the Card Czar plays a new Question, all other players must answer it.

To choose an Answer, double-click one of the WHITE Answer cards in your hand.  A highlight will surround that card, indicating it is the one you selected.  If the Question requires multiple Answers, you can double-click additional cards, then reorder your hand so that they read in the order you want to play them.

You may double-click a selected card to un-select it.  Be warned — your indecisiveness will be broadcasted to other players!


At any time, the Card Czar may double-click the Current Question card.  If one or more players have not yet chosen an Answer, the game will verbally harass them.

If everyone has selected the correct number of Answer cards, double-clicking the Question will Lock In all of the player’s choices.  All locked-in cards are moved to the Table face-down and randomly shuffled.


Once all the Answers have been laid out on the table, the Card Czar may choose their favorite by  double-clicking it.  The BLACK Question card will be given to the owner of that Answer card as an Awesome Point, and all other cards on the table will be discarded.

Pass the Active Turn to the next player by clicking the Green Triangle next to their name in the Players Tabs.


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