Dec 06

Cards Against Humanity Update

This update adds the 4th Expansion, Box Edition, Canadian Edition, and Holiday Edition to the game.  I also created individual shared decks for each expansion, and removed the comprehensive deck (too big, too long a load time).

Hardcore CAH players are encouraged to create their own streamlined decks to make the game more enjoyable and remove all the lame cards.  You can even build your own personal deck to draw from! Players will always draw from their personal decks before they draw from the shared decks.

Aug 04

Cards Against Humanity Update

– from the rules insert

the Update introduces the Rando Cardrissian house rule to the game.  To enable Rando (it’s off by default), right-click the table and choose the Rando option in the menu.  Having Rando enabled will add an additional, random answer to the table to choose from.  Rando’s score is tracked by the game.

– Added Rando Cardrissian rule to the game
– Chat log messages are more gender-neutral

Jun 12

Cards Against Humanity v1.0.4.0

Version has been released.

  • A bunch of new cards have been added from “alternate versions” of the base set and expansions, some of them are dumb but some are pretty awesome
  • Fixed a bug where the Card Czar had to manually take control of new Question Cards.
  • updated feed links to the new website.

Also, I added a new “How To Play” page, which is geared towards learning how to use the game definition to play the game.