Game Updates

Proxy Cards now available!

The Auto-generated proxy  for Blackjack
The Auto-generated proxy for Black Jack

Finally Doomtown now comes with proxy generated images. This means that from version 3.2.3.x onwards you and your friends can jump right in a game as soon as you download the definition, without having to download any card packs at all, which should make it easier to convince someone to try the game, when they don’t have to download 150Mb of files first.

Of course it’s always better to play with actual card art and flavour text, so I’ve also updates the available sets images available for download. I’ve now split the card images into two download bundles, one containing all properly scanned images, called the “High Quality Bundle” and one containing all those crappy, generated ones I lifted from LackeyCCG way back when I first started coding Doomtown on OCTGN 🙂

You should definitely grab the first, but the latter is fairly difficult to read. You can always use the inspect function as always, but if you can live without card art, you can simply keep using the auto-generated proxy images instead, which should be far more legible.

Hopefully in the near future we’ll finally complete scanning all the Doomtown cards and provide it for download.

Until then, enjoy!