Psycho Gods

So, I made a Custom Biotics deck that I think has some potential and I call is “Psycho Gods”.

I played two games with it the other day that nicely displays what I’m trying to do. What do you think?

You can find the decklist here


2 Games with some funky corps

In recent days I’ve been playtesting some new ideas about corp strategies, and I ended up with some quite interesting games played which I’ve recorded and uploaded for your pleasure.

First it’s a game between Jinteki: Replicating Perfection and The Professor. It’s a horizontal deck concept, containing just 10 ICE, which I primarily use to cover my centrals, in order to tax the runner when running on any of my servers, which in turn have high cost assets and upgrades along with Encryption Protocols, to make trashing prohibitive.

The Second is a game between Cerebral Imaging and Rielle. The CI deck is built around abusing the extended handsize and Celebrity Gifts. It keeps recursing them via Jackson Howard and Archived Memories which effectively provides me with an on-demand Melange which cannot be trashed, as long as I’m holing an Archived Memories in hand. This provides a fairly solid economy, capable of supporting multiple high-cost Bioroids.

Game Updates Videos

Improved Striking

I’ve just pushed live a new version that significantly improves the way strikes of units with a lot of combat icons work. Until now, when a unit had Unit Damage and Tactics icons, or more than 1 Tactics, the game couldn’t figure out where you wanted to assign the tokens. With the new system, the game will instead ask you which of the units you’ve targeted should take the unit damage and which ones the tactics, and you can even split the tactics as much as you want.

I’ve made short video to quickly show how this works.

Basically, just remember to always target the units you want to affect before you strike and everything should be easy enough after that. The only tricky situation might be when a unit has shields and you want to know if they’ll use their shield token from your damage before your tactics. I’m working on a system to automate shield using as well, but until that’s ready, just clarify things manually with your opponent before you strike as you would do anyway.


In case you’re having trouble with cost-reducing effects

I’ve made this small video to explain how to use cards like Admiral’s Orders, Deploy the Fleet and Kuat Reinforcements.

Also fixed Admiral’s Orders and Don’t Get Cocky which were bugged until now 🙂


A Game With Sound

I just played an interesting game with my NBN “Flytrap” that I think nicely shows off the new sound effects I’ve implemented in the game.

I’m still working on them, but I think we’re on a good path.

Game Updates Videos

Yet another big batch of bugfixes

I played about 4 hours of SW:tCG today and I found good amount of bugs, such as Leia unfocusing the opponent’s units, or Renegade Squadron Mobilization working for its owner’s units (why are you people not reporting these?!) and I just had to deal with them. In the course I fixed a good bunch of other stuff which I’m sure were annoying to many others as well.

  • Returning Units to hand will now discard their enhancements.
  • Jabba’s Orders now has a proper react trigger that simply announces its effect. You need to the rest manually
  • Greedo will only trigger when participating now.
  • Deploy the Fleet will now get damaged when used.
  • Deploy the Fleet can now spawn more than 1 reduction effect.
  • Dummy Cards (resident effects) will now spawn further up and stack for visibility.
  • Dummy Cards (resident effects) will now inform about their purpose once per player.
  • Leia will now clear player’s focus tokens rather than opponent’s.
  • Leia will now properly clear all focus tokens.
  • Fleeing the empire will now autoselect targeted cards.
  • Renegade Squadron Mobilization will now trigger correctly only at opponent’s units leaving the table.
  • Edge Card placements will now reset properly.
  • Tatooine Crash will capture automatically at itself, without asking.
  • Changed Yoda’s and Rogue Three’s icons to be more generically named

Oh and btw, I’m don’t know if you noticed, but you must be getting far less annoying pop-up windows anymore. Now I save a setting if you’ve seen them once, so I don’t have to bother you again with them. MOTD is a special case as it will appear again when it changes.

  • HARDCORE mode setting will now be retained between sessions.
  • The information window about triggers will only appear once per player.
  • Each new MOTD will appear once per player.
  • Added keyborad shortcuts reference card to the documents menu.

Finally, if you’re interested to seeing the two games I played today (which I thought were pretty interesting), you can find them embedded below. They were played against a fellow Greek, so we were using voice chat to play faster. Feel free to mute them if it’s too distracting when you cannot understand it.

Game Updates Videos

About automatic unit placement

I’ve seen a lot of you mess around far too much with unit placements. Apparently y’all love fighting the engine instead of working with it. Haven’t you learned yet that I know what’s best for you?

Aaaanyway, to avoid having to see you mess around so much, I’ve made some changes which I think some of you might appreciate. See the below public service announcement:

PS: People who insist on dragging units off the table manually make baby Yoda sad :'(


First matches from the OCTGN Alpha League Faction tournament

Shobalk had just started posting matchups from the Faction Tournament based on the results of the Alpha League. First few matches are between fellow streamer running_bear and hobb33 (whom I just cannot beat online. 🙁 )

Very exciting and close games follow below. Take a look and follow the thread for more.


Star Wars: The Card Game OCTGN Use Tutorial

I’ve spent a good part of the day creating a new OCTGN Use Tutorial for Star Wars: The Card Game LCG and it’s finally finished uploading. Send this to your friends or other interested parties to give them some preparation if they need it.

If the quality is too low, the video is still being processed by youtube. Check back later to get the full 1080p resolution.

Sorry if I’m sounding a bit rough and or messing some things, but it was the second time I recorded the whole thing, because the first time I did it I realized only too late that the recording software had the wrong microphone tapped and thus had not recorded my voice at all. So I had to redo the whole thing all over again and I was both a bit frustrated and my speaking capacity had started to give after 4 hours of constant speaking. All in all, this took me about 6 hours to produce.

The end result is 1 hour long, but I go through everything that is relevant and important. It explains everything from the basic GUI, to how to play cards from hand, to how card triggers interact with each other, to what HARDCORE mode does.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the courage to note down time bookmarks to provide for each section. I may do that later if I get the time, or one of you can note them down while they watch and send me a list if you want 😉



Want to learn Spycraft?

Well you’re in luck, I just finished teaching the game on OCTGN on my good friend Tragic, and used this as an opportunity to record a much needed tutorial video. Given that I taught both the game rules and the gameplay on OCTGN, I decided to split the resulting 2-hour video into two parts for (hopefully) easier consumption

In the future I will hopefully make something more professional, but until then I hope this will do 🙂

PS: Oh and I’ve fixed that bug where your agends wouldn’t unparticipate from missions via the shortcut.