Jul 31

Time to Reboot

It’s time to reboot, more info coming soon.

Jul 26

Massive Update – Version

The latest update to the plugin contains three new set blocks; God Apex Saga, Sengoku Saga and Divine Evolution Saga. These consist of releases DM-24 to DM-35, a total of 12 new sets. Three year worth of promo cards have also been added.

In addition, the new image pack no longer employs the proxy system to generate (ugly) English translated images, as the original images are now in English for the vast majority of cards. The new images are beautifully done, and are much better than the old ones.

– Over 1000 new cards
– All card images translated with original Duel Masters font
– New ‘Fortress’ Card type
– Improved Script performance

More updates are planned for the future, so stay tuned ūüôā

Jul 21

Under New Management

Hello All-

The Call of Cthulhu OCGTN plug-in is now under new management.  I would first like to thank DarkSir for shepherding the plug-in through the last few years. The work you put in is very appreciated.

A new version of the Call of Cthulhu OCTGN plug-in (version is now available.  This version includes card details for both For the Greater Good and The Thousand Young.  Please let me know if there are any issues that you find.

In addition, a new image pack is available that contains the images for The Sleeper Below.  Thank you Blinovitch for letting me use the scans that you had for these cards.

I hope you enjoy the update, and keep an eye out for more changes to come.  If there are issues with the plug-in, or there are features that you would like to see added, please let me know.

– tdnordine

Jul 19

Phoenix Saga Release

Added the Phoenix Saga set block to the plugin. In addition, all year 5 promos and cards till DMC-35 have been added. This block consists of the following sets: (Set 18 is skipped due to being a reprint set)

DM-19: Spectacle Nova
DM-20: The Ultimate Nova
DM-21: History of Devil Nova
DM-22: The Dragonic Nova
DM-23: The End of the Universe

As the name suggests, this block contains a large number of Phoenix cards with corresponding support. Also, a large number of new races have been introduced. Particularly, shared Races among multiple civilizations. The focus is on race-based strategies.

Latest image pack consisting of all cards in the plugin is now available.

Jul 10


  • ‘Saver’ functionality added (by Zerovash)
  • Mass destruction spells like blizzard, day work correctly
  • Death Smoke, Chaser, Clutch etc now target correctly
  • Manaburn effects added
  • ‘Soft Reset’ Feature
  • Various fixes
Jul 08


  • Strike Back implemented, various automations added (thanks to Zerovash)
  • Metamorph and gear removal implemented (credits to mighty)
  • Various set data and image fixes

Image Pack fix with 3 missing cards

Jul 07

The Freedom Five have arrived!

Freedom FiveHere are the heroes of the Base Game (1) Set (in glorious 300 dpi resolution!). Their cards – along with the cards of the two Villain decks and two Environment decks in the set – have finally been compiled into a Card Package ready for use on OCTGN. Download the game and the card package to start experiencing the world of Sentinel Comics!

Jul 07

Update – Card Backs

Individual card backs have now been added for the Heroes, Villains, and Environments in the Base Game (1) Set.

Jul 01

MTG New Image Packs Available

Hi-Res image packs are now available in the downloads page for the following sets:

  • Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora
  • Dragons Of Tarkir
  • Commander 2014
  • Theros Challenge Decks
  • From The Vault Annihilation
Jun 30

GIANT UPDATE including Sword of Valor!

Hello all!

Tonight I am adding adventure deck 2 “Sword of Valor” along with several¬†new features. These include a new deck called the Support deck. If you want to keep track of the cards you’ve redeemed, as well as the new Troops mechanic, you’ll want to load the new deck called “Box-Support” the first time you play the game. It will be saved as “Support-saved.o8d” when you save the box. You’ll then want to update it each time you redeem a new card or when you gain a medal on a troop card by adding the corresponding Feat to your Support-saved.o8d deck using the deck editor.

I would give more details but it’s midnight here and I’m very sleepy. I’ll do another post tomorrow with some more info!