Jun 18

Game Feed URL change

hey all, the URL to the Game Directory feed is changing to a secure HTTPS protocol. As of July 1st, your game feed for this site will no longer work.

OCTGN may be able to automatically update your feed to the new URLS (as its just a find/replace of http to https), but just in case, its advisable that you add this new feed URL to OCTGN and delete the old one.  You will NOT lose any games you already had installed, as long as you ADD NEW THEN DELETE OLD.



Jun 12

Welcome to the Game Developer’s Club

This blog is designed as a handy resource for game developers.  It will contain various resource links to make game building a breeze.  Whenever a cool new Python API addition is made, or something in OCTGN’s codebase changes that affects games, we’ll try to post it here.

The goal is to keep all game developers updated on the latest functional updates to OCTGN and provide good resources to make things easier.  An RSS feed can be set up to broadcast these posts directly to your RSS-ready apps/devices.

Jun 06

VS System on OCTGN

vs-logoThe Vs. System Trading card game brings characters and storylines from Marvel, DC Comics and Hellboy universes. This groundbreaking TCG is full of strategy and depth. You can select your favorite characters of all time and build a deck around them to compete with against a friend. The game can be as easy or complex as you like. The open-ended nature of deck construction mean that you can build the most intricate combo-decks or simple, straight forward combat decks. This game really has everything.

This is a game definition for the Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN).

Please check the header above for download files and for learning to play.

Have Fun