Nov 08

Work is in progress

The game engine is currently in Beta testing…..

As things stand, Paizo have asked that no copyright material be distributed as part of this plug-in.
The game engine knows how to automate the scenario setup which saves a lot of tiresome card manipulation however all the proxy cards contain only the name of the card, its type and the set it comes from. All other card text is used under the Paizo community use policy and is based on information already in the public domain (i.e. the character sheets)

Obviously you can refer to your own cards to see the full rules text, or you can scan in your cards and add the images to OCTGN. If you do this, please be aware that you can only use the images for personal use.

Nov 08

Board Layout

I’d like some input from CoC players:

As you can see in the pictures, I’ve got domains set up at the bottom center of the play area. I’ve also left two extra spots for additionally played domains. I’m toying with the idea of placing the domains horizontally to the left of the player’s play area instead. My thought is this would make it easier to place characters and support cards, as it would leave two rows available in the center.

Do you guys have any input?

Nov 03

State of the Mythos, Mark 2

I know it’s been a bit since my last post, but wanted to bring you all up to speed on where we’re at:


I had originally planned to release an interim version with the Terror in Venice cards added, but I had stripped out several commands from the original code as I added in the new stuff. The game wasn’t quite playable yet.

How the game plays now: When the game opens, each player loads a deck, then begins setup. If the first player hasn’t loaded a story deck, s/he is offered one of the three existing story decks. Domains are placed, story cards are placed, and each player is given 8 cards. You target each domain, and double-click a card in hand to play it as a domain resource. Once each player has populated their three domains, the game may begin. The game plays through the phases. When you play a card, it goes into a space where it waits for you to choose a domain to pay for it. If the card is an attachment, you have to target the card you wish to play it on first.

What I’m working on now: The ability to score story cards, and checks to see about a winner.
What I’m going to work on a little bit before release: Adding scripts to individual cards.

The new release should be out within the week. I’ve put a fair amount of time into it this past week, but still need to get a bit more done before I’m ready to share it.

Oct 31

Invasion Earth image pack

Here is the link for the Invasion Earth images:

This pack also contains the images for the newest promo cards as well.

Oct 21

FAQ 2.2 Updates

Hi folks,

I just have uploaded a new version of the to OCTGN converter for Warhammer Invasion: The restriction list has been updates to the new FAQ. I also added banned and restricted list support for Cataclysm decks.

Converter Download Page

Have fun with it!

Sep 14

Cataclysm set added

I added cataclysm set link in image packs tab.

Aug 20

State of the Mythos

Just wanted to let you know that Call of Cthulhu 3.0 is in the works. Featuring a complete overhaul of the scripting, resource tracking, new look, and a lot more. Once I get the turn-handling taken care of, I will post an interim release, to let you take advantage of the features that are already complete, while I work on the card-based automation.

Here’s a peek:


Aug 16

Game with sounds

I just managed to  quickly squeeze in a game to show the new sounds implementation in action. You can check it out below

Let me know what you think in the comments

Aug 16

New WHI OCTGN Developer Found

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have transferred development of this plug-in to Selverin, so you can all give thanks to him that this plug-in is still alive and being updated.  I still have admin access to this site and a couple of the other OCTGN things, in case there are issues, but I am not doing development/releases, and soon will stop hosting the files out of my Dropbox.

Aug 08

Changes to default cardaction and groupaction

The latest OCTGN update has removed default groupaction functions from triggering while inside a ‘View Cards in Pile’ window.  In addition, groupaction will take priority over cardaction for all piles on the main play window (not including Hand and Table).  This will allow games to have a defaulted groupaction for the pile, and a different defaulted cardaction for the ‘view cards in pile’ window

The right-click (context) menu is now accessible while inside the view pile window as well.