Sep 30

A 4-in-1 Update

I’ve been a bit delayed in releasing Across the Ettenmoors, the other day we went to the Puzzle Works escape rooms and we had a great time and the interactive room was pretty exciting… so to make up for it, I give you FOUR new releases! Across the Ettenmoors is now available, as is the newly released Treachery of Rhudaur. With these new APs, we’re already well past the halfway point in the Angmar Awakened Cycle.


Furthermore, I’ve finally added the Nightmare decks for the first Saga box The Black Riders. I have been a bit behind on my nightmare pack purchases, so I apologize for the delay there. I hope to get the Voice of Isengard Nightmare Decks out before too long. The best mobile games you can find for Android can be find at, you can download the latest android/ios games mods..

And last but not least, Ian Martin from the awesome blog Tales From the Cards, include in your games Fortnite Hack & Cheats, has graced us with the second custom AP in his Doom Mastered Cycle — which is the cycle built off of his epic First Age custom deluxe expansion! Be sure to re-download and install the Custom.o8c Image Pack to get his shiny cards. Mu Origin gift codes for starters that may look to enjoy March release

EDIT: Added bonus! You can now download the Image Pack for The Lost Realm. Get it while it’s hot!

Aug 19

New Tokens

So I had a thought last night, and decided it might be a cool idea to add some new tokens that could act as counters for Willpower, Attack, Defense, and Threat (I don’t know why I haven’t done this before, lol). Check it out!



Feel free to use these however you see fit. Use ’em as +1 Counters, or to simply show the full value of the boosted stat, as shown in the example above. It’s also really handy to show what the value of X is at any given point. However, keep in mind that if you add 5 or more different types of counters on a card, the extra ones won’t show their quantities since it won’t physically fit on the card, lol. You can add/remove these tokens by using the right-click menu on a card, under Add or Subtract a token submenu, or by using the following keyboard shortcuts:



And finally, I’ve been receiving questions lately about how to remove all the custom cards from the Deckbuilder so that it’s easier to build your player decks. Well, here’s a really simple tip that’ll do the trick. Add an Encounter Set filter, select “Equals” from the drop-down menu, and leave the text box blank. That will filter out ALL Encounter cards, and it will filter out ALL custom cards (both player & encounter cards).



Now you’ll be left with only the official player cards with which to build your deck. Enjoy!

Aug 16

Big update!

This latest update brings with it a wealth of new content for all of you! GenCon has come and gone, and I’ve been playing catch-up ever since. First off, you can now try your hand at a prison break with the new Escape from Mount Gram scenario. The setup for this scenario is rather unique, due to the fact that you must build a “Capture Deck” by taking select cards out of your main deck. I’ve managed to write a function that can do it for you. After loading up your Player deck, move all the cards from your hand back onto your deck, then right-click the deck, and you’ll find a new menu item called “Quest Specific Actions”. As you’ll probably surmise, I intend to put new functions in this menu group that only apply to one or two specific quests. So, here’s where you’ll find the command to create your Capture Deck, which will then place all Allies, Mount Attachments and Item Attachments into your secondary player deck.


CaptureDeckFurthermore, since this scenario introduces new keywords and mechanics, I thought it might be nice to include card-sized versions of the rulesheet insert. That way, you have a reference to the scenario’s rules right there on the table. Though keep in mind that these new cards will be blank (just like the other cards) until the Image Pack is released in 6 months. However, I am considering creating and adding these Rulesheet Cards to all the other existing quests in the game. You can check out these cards for yourself over here on BGG. Let me know if you guys would like these cards to show up in OCTGN as well!

Next up, we’ve got support for the juicy GenCon releases if you were lucky enough to get your hands on them! The Land of Shadow is now up and running, complete with regular, easy, campaign-regular, & campaign-easy versions of all three quests. Join Frodo as he treks ever-closer to Mordor. I’ve included a Rulesheet card for the first quest, The Passage of the Marshes, as that includes new rules for the Mire keywood. The remaining two quests don’t have any quest-specific rules, so I opted not to make any cards for them.

GenCon also brought with it a brand new PoD quest entitled The Ruins of Belegost. Search these ruins for ancient artifacts while taking care not to draw the attention of an ancient nasty dragon who’s hot on your trail. This is an awesome quest that I haven’t yet managed to succeed at yet, but I will keep trying!

And finally, this latest PoD introduced the second official Alternate-Art card: Gimli! He’s got a slightly updated card template that I’m much more fond of over the Alt Aragorn we got last year. So much so that I took the trouble to update all my custom Alternate Art cards with this new look! Be sure to download the Alternate-Art Image Pack today to get access to these new cards!

Jul 04

The Wastes of Eriador

The first adventure pack from the Angmar Awakened cycle has been released! Join Amarthiúl as you race across the Eriador Wilds in pursuit of the captured ranger Iârion. During the journey, you’ll be hunted by Wargs at night, so you’d best make as much progress as possible during the day.

The Spanish Image packs for the Ring-maker Cycle are now available as well.

May 21

More Custom Cards

Hot on the heels of the previous update, I’ve got some more custom content to bring your way. First off, BGG user “Truelolzor” shares with us a set of player cards entitled Dark Corners of Middle-earth (click the link to see his BGG thread with previews!). As he explains, “This expansion focuses mainly on bringing to life a combination of Esgaroth and Craftsman traits, but still there is plenty of other stuff to go around. This expansion is combination of many of my different works throughout all this time.”

Secondly, user Vardaen returns to us with the 3rd Quest in his “Rise of Orthanc” campaign, entitled “Queer Folk About” (Click the link to see the Quest Sheet Rules Insert). You can also check out his BGG Thread for more information and preview images.

Make sure to re-download and re-install the Custom.o8c Image Pack in order to see these beautiful custom cards!

And finally, speaking of Image Packs, Celebrimbor’s Secret is now available for you to download as well!

May 20

Treason of Saruman & more!

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, The Treason of Saruman set was added to OCTGN a few weeks ago. This release brings with it 12 Scenario decks: 3 Normal Quests, 3 Campaign versions of the Quests, 3 Easy Mode Quests, and 3 Easy Mode Campaign Quests. The update I pushed out today also added Fellowship Aragorn to these decks, so you no longer need to include him in your Player Deck when playing these quests.

This release also brings with it a new feature:
a Sideboard for your deck!
In the Deck Editor, you’ll now see a “Sideboard” section underneath “Side Quests”. Feel free to put any cards here you like. When you load this deck in game, these cards will be placed into a new Sideboard pile on your Player Tab. It starts minimized, and its icon has an “S” on it. Clicking on this pile will maximize it, and you can look through this deck and pull cards in and out of it at your leisure.
Some ideas on how to use this new feature: Keep situational or more quest-specific cards in your Sideboard, so you can easily add them into your deck in-game. Or perhaps you might like to store your Campaign Cards in this pile for the Saga Expansions.

And finally, a quick update about the filters in the Deck Editor. Some of you have requested a way to filter out all Custom cards and only browse the official ones. Some of the suggestions included consolidating all Custom cards into one big ‘Custom Set’ (which I didn’t really want to do), or making the Set filter have a text box instead of a drop-down (which I cannot do due to an OCTGN limitation). So, I added the phrase “Custom Set – ” to the “Encounter Set” field on every custom card.

To filter out all Custom Cards:
-Add an Encounter Set filter
-Click the drop-down and select “Does Not Contain”
-Enter “Custom Set” into the text box.

Voila! You are now looking at only officially released cards!

Sep 25

Image Packs update and new Custom Quests

There have been some new changes to our Image Packs. First off, instead of sending you to a Dropbox folder, Image Packs can now be downloaded directly from the new Image Pack Page shown on the menu. This provides a number of benefits. First off, it’s now much more visually organized and easier to find what you’re looking for. Secondly, Image Packs that have yet to be released show a date as to when you can expect them to be available. Furthermore, I have gone through every single card image in the database and re-exported them, so they are all now the same size! No more tiny or off-sized card images as you hover your cursor over the cards on the table. As a bonus, I took this opportunity to decrease the filesize of these images, so overall the Image Packs are much quicker to download.

Therefore, I encourage each and every one of you to re-download ALL the Image Packs and re-install them. This isn’t a requirement or anything, but doing so will make your cards look much better overall.

And if that weren’t enough, we’ve got a couple new custom quests for you to check out. These come to us from Vardaen, who has put together an expansion which follows his own RPG campaign “Rise of Orthanc.” Included are the first two quests of this adventure, Making of a Fellowship and Blood in Bree-land. Check out the Rulesheet Inserts for these two quests below:

Making of a Fellowship insert

Blood in Bree-land insert

The Images for these cards are already included in the Custom.o8c pack, so if you re-downloaded the pack as instructed above, then you are ready to go!

And finally, some of you have experienced an occasional bug when using the Next Round function. The first player token won’t properly move, cards won’t refresh, etc. The latest version of the game includes a patch which hopefully fixes this problem.

Sep 12

Dwarrowdelf Nightmare Quests

The first 3 Nightmare Quests from the Dwarrowdelf cycle are now available! These include The Redhorn Gate, Road to Rivendell, and The Watcher in the Water. Uncensored card text will be revealed in December, with the Image Pack to come next March. Speaking of Image Packs, the Voice of Isengard Image Pack is now available. Head on over to the Image Pack Dropbox to download it!

Sep 02

Alternate Art Cards

With the release of the Alternate Art Aragorn at GenCon a few weeks ago, I’ve been very curious as to what other cards might get this treatment in the future. But knowing that we would be waiting a long time to get our hands on such cards, I decided to go ahead and create my own. I then put them into an Image Pack for any of you who would like to use them on OCTGN yourself! Included are the official Aragorn card, and a custom Boromir (tactics), Eowyn, and Frodo.

This Image Pack can be found in the English folder of the Dropbox, or downloaded right here.
This file will be updated with more cards as they are created.

Boromir-Sample Eowyn-Sample Frodo-Sample

Aug 31

Game Update v2.4.11.0

This latest update of the LotR game module includes a couple of changes that I would like to draw your attention to. A lot of work has gone into changing how the game handles the 1st Player Token as well as how the game automates the Refresh Phase and Next Round functions. This addresses a couple of issues I’ve seen with the game, but with the help of search alot it could be now easy for players to find solution online.

First of all, on rare occasions the first player token would get out of sync with the players when moving to a new round. This has been fixed, and players are now free to use Ctrl+N in any order they want. (The current first player no longer needs to be the last one to use it.)

Secondly, the 1st Player Token now correctly passes to the next player during the Refresh Phase instead of at the start of the next round, as shown in the rules. This has become more important with the introduction of the Time keyword in the latest quests because sometimes there is an effect that triggers at the end of the round which targets the first player. This effect should technically be targeting the “new” first player, and now that the token passes at the proper time, it should be much easier to remember this.

Players can still use Ctrl+R for the Refresh Phase and Ctrl+N for next round, much as they have before. However, there are some changes that you should be aware of:
When a player uses Ctrl+N, his Hero cards will be highlighted in grey. This indicates that that player is done and ready to move onto the next round (using this command only affects the highlight color of your own cards — nobody else’s cards will be highlighted until they use the command themselves). Once all players have used Ctrl+N, the game will automate the next round and all the grey highlights will be removed.

If you would like to move into the Refresh Phase instead of jumping straight ahead into the next round, use Ctrl+R. Doing this will NOT immediately refresh your cards like it did before. Instead, your hero cards will be highlighted in orange to indicate to everyone that you are ready for the Refresh Phase. Simply wait for the rest of the players to use Ctrl+R or Ctrl+N themselves. (Note: it is perfectly fine for some players to use Ctrl+R and others to use Ctrl+N.) Once every player has used one of the commands, everyone’s cards will refresh and the 1st Player Token will be passed. Players who previously used Ctrl+N will still have a grey highlight at this time since they’ve already told the game that they are ready for the next round — they do not need to hit Ctrl+N a second time. Once you’ve taken any refresh actions and dealt with any end of round effects, anyone who is not highlighted in grey can now use Ctrl+N, and the next round will begin!

And finally, if for whatever reason you need to adjust the number of rounds on the 1st Player Token, the current first player can click over to the Global tab and modify the Round Counter there (with the clock icon). Furthermore, if you ever wanted to manually pass the 1st Player Token to another player, that player simply needs to right-click -> Take control of the Token. The game will recognize this and correctly pass the Token to the next player on the following round.

As always, be sure to let us know if you encounter any bugs, and I hope you enjoy the latest update! You can also find us using the Salesforce platform for all of our development coming up in the future!