Jan 27

Boundless Hate is now available on OCTGN

And the cycle continues Boyz!
Will you follow Salaine Morn on her dangerous path or are you more that Khorne of guy ?

As usual you can check my drive for images pack.

I’m really excited about tournaments this year, especially the nationals, wich with a bit of luck will go on with a full cycle and the necrons ! Would be so great !!!

Anyway for now enjoy our two new warlords, and the other cards too !

Cya Boyz

Dec 12

Decree of Ruin is now available on OCTGN

Hey Boys long time no see !

So multiple news today :
-New update with the first warpack (yeah !!)
-The image pack for the warlord cycle is now officially uncensored !
-Christmas is coming… and no i probably won’t do anything special about it… sorry, work and family first ! (Family especially)

As usual you can find the image pack on my drive

Enjoy boyz !

Aug 20

The Great Devourer is now available on OCTGN

Hey Boyz ! How were your vacations ?
Mine were great, so great i didn’t pay attention to the time running and running…
But here it is, finally the tyranids will rage upon the stars !
I added a new “Synapse” section in the deckbuilder, i guess you know what to do with it 😉
Also now when you creates multiple tokens, they don’t pile up like before but instead are created in a line so it’s easier to move them as a group 😉

Can’t wait for the new cycle, the changes in the meta, and of course the actual Great Devourer reel box !

This is gonna be great !

Cya Boyz !

ps : The image pack is released, as usual on my drive, also I uncensored the 4 first warpacks of the warlord cycle since it’s been more than 6 month.

May 18

Little Update to Conquest Plugin

Hey Boyz, i just fixed the annoying API message we had on the lobby these days !
If anything wrong comes up, comment below 😉
Also, it’s been 6 month the first warpack is out, so its image pack is now uncensored !

Cya Boyz

May 03

Descendant of Isha is now available on OCTGN

Hey boyz, this is it, the last two warlords are now up to war !
The two eldars, with complete different style, will now have their word to say in the traxis sector battle.
And not that far, into the shadow, a huge fleet of creepy and monstruous creature is slowly moving towards us…

As usual, changelog, image packs and stuff are on my drive

Remember that the Coreset is out since more than 6 months, which means the image pack is now officially uncensored !

Cya around Boyz, hope we’ll see a lot of different deck coming in !

Apr 06

The Threat Beyond is now available on OCTGN

Hey hey hey boyz !
The Lord Inquisitor is coming, to kick some heretics ass and chew bubblegum, and he’s all out of gum.

As usual you can find the updated image pack on my drive

Also it’s been 6 month since the game is out, so you can now find on this same drive the uncensored image pack of the coreset.

Enjoy boyz and see you soon for the lasts warlords (but definitely not least)

Mar 16

Zogwort’s Curse is now available on OCTGN

Ok Boyz, some complicated stuff this time !

The fourth warpack is out, and playable, but you won’t download it automatically when you start octgn, because there’s a problem with the server hosting octgn game updates. Probably some Oddboy trying some Mork stuff…
So you can find the update file on my drive, with the updated image pack aswell.
You then have to put the .nupkg file in your “local feed” folder in OCTGN (usually : C:UsersYourNameDocumentsOCTGNLocalFeed ) and restart octgn, which should then update Conquest to

Spread the word, cause i know you’re not a lot to follow this (quite empty) blog.

And let’s hope Gork will fix this !

Edit : Gork be praised ! It’s all been fixed !

Feb 01

The Gift of the Ethereals is now available on OCTGN.

Hey Boyz, wat’ya doing ?

News flash : the greater good is now even greater !

Will the online meta change drastically with the arrival of Aun’chi and a tons of great cards for all factions (except maybe Chaos, but hey, they have Ku’gath now ! )

I also made a few changes to the size of planets and tokens so it’s no longer streched.

As always, documentation and censored image pack can be found here

feel free to comment or point me to any problem you have with the plugin.

Cya Boyz !

Jan 30

OCTGN Deck Converter Plugin v3.5.0 Release

This version re-enables viewing card pictures with the latest version of OCTGN.

v3.5.0 Changes

  • Viewing card pictures when comparing cards functionality restored.
Jan 06

The Scourge is now available on OCTGN !

Right Boyz Happy new year !

And this years starts terrific with the new pack just released in your stores and your favorite online plugin 😉

Gonna have some fun with this nurgle thing ? Or may be now iz a good tim’ for orks ta mad’ a kombak !

Whatever you choose to play, remember it’s better with real cards when you can 😉

As always, documentation and censored image pack can be found here

feel free to comment or point me to any problem you have with the plugin.

Cya Boyz !