Jan 13

3.3.0 Game Plugin Update — featuring Oath of the Gatewatch

The 3.3.0 major update enhances the plugin to the new API and features some upgrades to gameplay.  Oath of the Gatewatch is now available, and as a special treat, all card text has been upgraded to the latest wordings (and the new colorless symbol!)  The low-res image pack is available in the downloads section.

Nov 18

MTG Commander 2015 Update

Commander 2015 is in the new MTG plugin update.  The low-res image pack can be found in the downloads page.

I’ve been experiencing major issues with accessing the hi-res images for many of the sets yet to be upgraded.  Once it’s been resolved I should be able to finally upload the hi-res for the missing stuff.  Sorry about the delays here.

Aug 30

MTG 3.1.21 Game Update

Tempest Remastered, From the Vault: Angels, and Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi are now available with image packs.

Jan 14

MTG Game Update 3.2.17 — Fate Reforged

Fate Reforged is now here! Download the low-res image pack in the downloads section.

This update also includes the Khans of Tarkir Seeded Booster packs. Relive the pre release experience by adding one of these packs to your sealed pools! Please note that the Khans of Tarkir seeded boosters were split into two — Booster and Promo. This was because the promo/foil Rare that you could open was randomly seeded separately from the rest of the pack.

To load a Pre Release sealed pool:
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Nov 05

MTG Game Update – Commander 2014

A game update has been pushed which includes the Commander 2014 set, as well as its new tokens.  In addition, the missing preconstructed decks up to this release have been added.

Vintage Masters Low-Res and Commander 2014 Low-Res image packs have been added to the downloads page.

Sep 16

3.2.15 Khans of Tarkir Update

The 3.2.15 update adds Khans of Tarkir as well as the Challenge Decks and Hero cards from Theros block.  A more detailed changelog can be seen when you load up the game in OCTGN.

The image downloads page has been updated with low-res Khans of Tarkir, as well as hi-res Modern Event Deck and Jace vs Vraska.

Jul 09

MTG Game Update 3.2.14 — M15 and Vintage Masters

The MTG Game Definition is now updated to include Vintage Masters and M15 (along with its tokens).  Image pack links can be found in the image packs tab.

Jun 06

MTG 3.2.13 Update – Conspiracy & Modern Event Deck

The MTG game definition has been updated with the Conspiracy and Modern Event Deck sets, along with their tokens.  Image packs for these two sets, as well as Jace vs Vraska and Hi-Res FTV 20 have been added to the image pack downloads page.

Dec 18

MTG Game Update

this update finally brings the Theros PreRelease packs to the sealed editor.  It also upgrades the alignment functionality, allowing manually-dragged cards to skip alignment and become anchored to the table.  Finally, I started added debug functions to various parts of the game, allowing us to narrow down potential points where heavy lag may occur.  You can enable the debug messages in the ‘Autoscript Settings’ submenu.

Dec 12

MTG & Game Update and were released pretty close together.  I’ve been putting the changelogs into the game which will pop open a window when you load a game table.  Because of this, I’ve sorta gotten lazier with posting changelogs here.  All changelogs are being stored in this file: https://github.com/brine/mtg-octgn/blob/master/new_magic/scripts/changelog.py