Feb 01

OCTGN and Chaos

Order and Chaos has been finally rezzed! Apologies for taking longer than usual, but…life happened.

I pushed this without testing extensively in multiplayer scenarios, so a bug or two might have slipped through. Please lemme know if you find any.

I also should have fixed the annoying bug where you lost control of your remote server cards after the runner accessed them.

  • Titan Transnational: Will always put an agenda counter. I don’t see why not and it will speed up play.
  • Constellation Protocol: Manual use
  • Mark Yale, credit for spending Agenda Counter is manual use. When using his ability to spend agenda counters, he gives you automatically 3 credits (2 for ability + 1 for trait)
  • Space Camp: After it’s triggered, double click on any of your cards to add an advancement counter.
  • Wormhole: Manually use the ICE you want after using Wormhole
  • Housekeeping: Just announces to remind the runner. Runner should trash on their own.
  • Satellite Grid: not automated. You’ll have to take care of the relevant effects manually.
  • The Twins, doesn’t check ICE sameness
  • Sub Boost: Double click on the sub boost to end the run
  • Dedicated Technician Team: Manual use. Double click to remove a credit
  • Edward Kim: Manual use but is mandatory, so make sure you do it.
  • Itinerant Protesters: Manual Tracking (for now)
  • Knifed/Spooned/Forked: You can use them to trash ICE if the corp is too slow. Target ICE and Double-Click
  • Eater: Will put marker to remind you, but will not prevent access. Just select 0 cards.
  • Hivemind: Cannot make it host the viruses everywehre, so if you want to spend them for something (e.g. Datasucker), just drag the marker there, or target that ICE and DC Hivemind to transfer the Virus counter.
  • Progenitor has 3 MU of RAM, but don’t host more than 1 proggie.
  • Archives Interface: Manual Use. Do it before accessing
  • Qianju PT: Manual use for starting the effect
  • The dummy Sac. Clone card won’t trash itself when used. Will fix later.
Jan 13

Errata and Typos

New version has been uploaded which includes all the important Errata as well as fixing a lot of typos. It also updates the mission deck to the last available and more balanced version.

Thanks to the good work from Argali from the spycraft subreddit (which you should visit ASAP)

Finally the image pack has been updated with the custom-made errata of cards, so that you don’t have to keep track manually. They’re not perfect but they should get the job done. Just re-download and reinstall in your OCTGN.

Jan 01

Double Dealin’ on OCTGN

02-doomtown-double_zqekuhI have a new year’s gift fer all you dudes our there. The new expansion has finally arrived into town. Double Dealin’ is available to play with online on OCTGN. Simply restart your client to get it. Almost all cards are scripted as you’ve come to expect 😉

Further to this, I’ve also added the censored image packs for New Town, New Rules and Double Dealin to the sets page, if that’s what you’d like to use.


Jan 01

Between the OCTGN Shadows

Bolivar Shagnasty has once again been kind enough to do the heavy lifting and provide the next premium set for Star War: The Card Game. Restart your clients to receive it.

Dec 21

Sourcing OCTGN

The Source is now rezzed in OCTGN. As always everything is automated with a few kinks (see below). Also in order to make Utopia Shard, I had to rework my Accessing Agendas code a bit to take into account the extra cost. So I decided to make a proper job and took into account cards like Fetal AI and NAPD Contracts. Those will now be taken into account during Agenda steal-cost calculations (but not stuff like Red Herrings though) and you will see this cost on the button you use to steal the agenda. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough money, the game will allow you to abort the steal.

More so, if you access an agenda in R&D but don’t steal it, the game will also inform the corp about it. So make sure you steal any agendas which don’t have a relevant cost.

Tricker cards in The Source:


  • Markus: First subroutine just announces.
  • Turtlebacks: Manual Use
  • Shoot the Moon: Will rez all targeted ICE. Don’t exceed the tags!
  • Self-Destruct will require that you target all cards in the server to get the appropriate trace value.
  • Sage doesn’t put +1 tokens. Track strength manually.
  • Ioxidae: Manual Use
  • Due to the special circumstances on what constitutes a “Jack Out” in ANR its use is manual on an ETR or if the runner just presses ESC after seeing an ETR they cannot break to speed things up)

As always, enjoy!


Dec 16

Some Quality of Life

The latest version brings with it a hefty amount of improvements and bugfixes that should make playing Doomtown:Reloaded on OCTGN a big easier and less mistake-prone

  • Cheatin’ Draw Hands will now have a little icon to make it more obvious, without having to look in the chat.
  • Upkeep will now prompt you to discard dudes you cannot pay
  • Upkeep will now prompt you if you want to pay dudes with >3 upkeep
  • Game will now remind you to pay your upkeep if you try to take a high-noon action.
  • Game will not block continuing to High Noon if other players have not done their upkeep yet.
  • Once all players do upkeep, game will automatically move to High Noon
  • Scripted the Telepathy Helmet
  • Added “I’m Ready” announcement (Ctrl+R)
  • Unprepared will now boot spells
  • Mendoza and Irving will now lose/gain GR when they call out.
  • Scripted Plasma Drill and the other SB1 scripts

Particularly the extra cheating visual notication should cut down on the amount of times you have to ask your opponent if they were cheating in lowball. And the extra checks for upkeep will make sure you never mistakenly forget to discard that Steven Wiles.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any more feature suggestions.

Nov 07

OCTGN that remains

EkomindAll That Remains has been rezzed in OCTGN. I wasn’t planning to finishing it this week (due to lack of time) but I realized I broke all MU calculations when I tried to save some of my code online so I needed to urgently push it out as a fix.

I hope y’all appreciate how much I love ya 😉

Anyway, all should be working fine now, with MU tracking getting a significant boost in consistency. Runner MU will automatically refresh every time a card changes groups (e.g. grip to table, heap to grip etc) which will allow cards like Ekomind to work properly.

This should have the fortunate side-effect that all MUs should be far more accurate and the game will remind the player to trash programs even when they’re not installing one currently (e.g. Bad Times)

I will prolly use infrastructure to track link in the future as well.

Here’s the tricker stuff for this expansion:

  • Hostile Infrastructure: Manual Use
  • Executive Boot Camp: TurnStart Rez is manual use
  • Lycan: Not scripted. Track manually.
  • Snatch and Grab: Trace effects not automated, only announces.
  • Lela Patel: Manual Use
  • Zona Sul Shipping: doesn’t trash automatically on tag


Oct 28

New Town, New Rules, New Definition

Since it’s been spoiled in Essen 2014, the first Saddlebag for Doomtown:Reloaded arrives in OCTGN a bit earlier than expected! All you need to do is restart your client and you’ll receive it automatically. Hopefully the available deckbuilders will follow soon.

As always all relevant cards are scripted for your convenience. Jump in, and enjoy!

Oct 08

Blue Sun Rising!

The Blue Sun division

Another month, another ANR expansion is rezzed and available on OCTGN. Inject gave me a bit of trouble but nothing I can’t handle 😉

Here’s what you should know…

  • Labyrinthine Server: Just Announces
  • Blue Sun: Will not consider cards which increase rez costs
  • Changeling: Not scripted. Track manually
  • Hades Fragment: Manual Use
  • Astrolabe: Manual Use

Also did a number of bug-fixes that were reported lately

  • SoT on LARLA should now trash before LARLA resolves
  • Woman in the red dress will now announce when the corp has finished looking at the card and left it in R&D.
  • Data Dealer should now exile Shi.Kyu, but can also target Corp cards due to this. Don’t!
  • Social Engineering will now only get money from the target ICE
  • Mutated ICE can now use Subroutines
  • LARLA shouldn’t clear runner currents anymore
  • Port Anson Grid and Kitsune should now work (nobody played them until now?)

So yeah, enjoy your Blue Sun shenanigans!


Sep 29

Bugfixes incoming

I pushed forward a whole bunch of updates and bugfixes for existing cards

  • Fixed Flush and Pairs checking
  • Fixed This is a Hold up
  • Law Dogs home will now boot your targeted dudes, but it will only put a bounty on opposing dudes. (To use it to put bounty on your own dudes, do it manually)
  • Cheatin’ Varmint will announce.
  • General Store will work for spells as well now.
  • Micah’s ability should work now.
  • Remy’s ability should cost GR now.
  • Pharmacy should work now.

Things should be a bit smoother now.