Jul 26

Major Update released

As I mentioned before, I was working on a complete scripting overhaul, to address some shortcomings in the way the automations functioned. I’m been working on this non-stop for the past week and I’m glad to say that after 120 revisions (!), I’m finally finished!

The rework of the automation makes it so that card reacts and interrupts do not automatically fire when their trigger is reached, but rather they highlight and put out an announcement that you have an opporunity to use them now. This allows their owner to know what is going on and when (and to also remind them which cards have abilities for offline play) and also gives their opponent a chance to play interrupts that cancel those evens, such as “Over My Dead Body”.

In short, card reacts now work very similar to the way events worked, where you activate them, wait for reacts and then double-click on them to finish their effects.

This becomes somewhat tricky for effects which activate as a card is leaving play, or while striking. I’ve reworked the scripting code, to pause the overall effect while you decide to activate the react or not. So for example, if you’re using a react which triggers after you focus a unit for striking, it will work as follows:

  • You will double-click a unit to strike. The unit is focused and gets the green “trigger ready” highlight
  • If you want to use that ability, simply target any relevant cards and double-click the unit again. The ability will fire
  • Once the ability is done, the unit will continue striking as usual. You don’t have to double-click again.

This works in a similar way for cards which trigger while they’re leaving play, like Leia or Probe Droid. Once an effect tries to make them leave play, they will trigger and highlight. Once you double click to activate those reacts (or ignore their triggers), then the card will continue to its final destination whether that is capure or discard pile.

At any point you do not want to use a React/Interrupt trigger, simply use the action “Ignore Card Trigger” (Ctrl+Z) to ignore. This will either end the highlight, and send the card to its final destination if it has one. The react/interrupt trigger windows will otherwise remain active until a player proceeds to the next phase, so make sure you don’t press Ctrl+Enter until your opponent has used and ignored all their highlighted cards.

Apropos changing phase. The Automations rely on you using the correct phase sequence and moving through them. So make sure you’re using Ctrl+Enter accordingly, especially when finishing your turn. Many card scripts check to see who’s turn it is before firingย  (e.g. Council of the Sith) so if you haven’t properly ended your turn after the Force Phase, then these won’t fire. Your opponent will be getting an annoying pop-up anyway so they’ll let you know if you forgot.

This will hopefully bring the game play more in line with the offline gameplay and also prevent those instances of a beneficial react going off when you didn’t want to for some reason.

This update also implements something that tournament goers might appreciate:


Under the game menu, you’ll find an option called “HARDCORE mode ON/OFF”. By turning this on, you signify that your mastery of the force is complete, and you’re ready to play without the training wheels on. Alternatively you may be just masochistic ๐Ÿ˜‰

What HARDCORE mode does it disable all highlights and notifications for non-forced Reacts and Interrupts. This means that the game will not inform you when a card like Council of the Sith is ready to trigger. You will have to know the appropriate time and double-click on the card when the time is right. If you do it at the right time, the card will highlight and notify that you’re about to use it, at which point your opponent has a chance to use interrupts as normal.

Keep in mind though, that React and Interrupt triggers are automatically wiped clean after each phase so if you forget one of your reacts, double clicking on the card afterwards will do nothing. This is not a fault of the automations so don’t go complaining to me. If you end up in many situations where you didn’t have a chance to use your reacts, either ask your opponent to play slower and not change the phase so fast, or turn off HARDCORE mode.

For casual or new players, I do not suggest you turn this mode off until you’ve gotten used to how the automations function now. Once you have a few games under your belt with the new system and want to show how bad-ass you are, then feel free to turn HARDCORE on and let us know how it goes.

Keep in mind, that HARDCORE affects only yourself. Your opponent’s cards’ reacts will highlight and announce as normal.

Edge of Darkness Automations

As expected, this latest udpate now enables automations for almost cards in the Edge of Darkness deluxe expansion. You will see this functioning as soon as you restart your OCTGN client. I’ve also updated and improved some of the automations of existing cards, so you’ll see things like the General’s Imperative automatically adjust your Reserves as it takes or heals Damage and so on.

There’s a new common effect in Edge of Darkness of transferring tokens from one card to another. To use cards with this effect, target both cards that you need to transfer the token to and from. The game will figure out smartly what the source and destination is. If it can’t, it will pop-up a dialogue so that you can help it decide. But you need exactly 2 targets to make this work. Not 1 and not 3.

Another common effect from the game, where you discard or play cards from your hand has also been implemented. To use cards such as Kuat Reinforcements, just target the amount of cards from your hand (shift+click as usual) while you’re paying for an appropriate card and then use Kuat’s ability with Ctrl+Q (double clicking at this point will try to produce resources, so you need to manually use the ability).

To use cards like Jabba the Hutt, just target the card from your hand and double-click Jabba.

Bug Reports

This update is very fresh, and even though I spend dozens of hours debugging it, it’s very likely a lot of bugs slipped through. If you encounter something that doesn’t work as you expect, or if you see any python errors and so on, Please Contact Me and open a bug report in GitHub. Don’t just ignore something that is not a big deal. I want to fix all the small annoyances if they exist or don’t work as expected.

The sooner I know about an issue, the sooner I can fix it.

Other than that, enjoy the new system and let me know what you think about it in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Jul 22

Scripting overhaul

Over My Dead BodyDue to the way some new events work (specifically “Over my Dead Body”), I’m finding that I need to rethink how automations work in the game definition, as I now need to provide an interrupt window for every card react.

As such, scripting Edge of Darkness is taking a bit longer than usual but hopefully I’ll have something out in the next few days.

Jul 19

We have reached the Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness box coverThe latest Deluxe Expansion for the Star Wars LCG is now available on OCTGN. Restart your clients to immediately download v2.2.4x. which contains it.

Like usual, this initial version has no automation, barring known cards like the Fate Cards, Swindled etc which didn’t need testing.

One exception is Embers of Hope which is also automated, mostly to prevent card draw automations from firing when they shouldn’t. Don’t forget that Embers of Hope only works while it is undamaged ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, censored card images are not available yet but they will be appearing soon enough.

Jul 18

WHI Active on WordPress Site


Hello everyone, Entropy42 here.ย  I saw that WHI had become inactive in the OCTGN Games Feed, so I re-added it and got a WordPress site created for it.

You can still download all the card images (Core-Eternal War) from my Dropbox page (for now).

I’m still transitioning this plug in to a new developer, but wasn’t going to let it die in the meantime.ย  I won’t, however, be uploading Cataclysm.ย  That set won’t be added until a new developer takes over.ย  The set is mostly done, but my successor will have to finish it off and cross-check with the released cards.

Jul 03


Renegade Squadron MobilizationNew version has been pushed out to fix the renegade squadron mobilization malfunctioning and working only if an opponent’s action made a unit leave play (rather than only when an opponent’s unit left play)

Also added two confirmation dialogues to prevent mistakes. One is if you try to play a Unit or Enhancement outside the deployment phase. The game will ask if you’re sure you’re allowed to play that card out of order.

The other is when you double click a unit participating in the engagement before the strike phase. Until now the game would silently jump to the strike phase, autocalculating the edge in the process. Originally this was though this way to allow for faster play, but I’ve noticed that this rather led to a lot of mistakes by players double clicking a unit in an engagement by mistake, and the game jumping too far forward, confusing them.

Now the game will ask you to confirm you’ve resolved the edge battle if you’re trying to strike outside of the strike phase.

Jul 02

Proxy Cards now available!

The Auto-generated proxy  for Blackjack

The Auto-generated proxy for Black Jack

Finally Doomtown now comes with proxy generated images. This means that from version 3.2.3.x onwards you and your friends can jump right in a game as soon as you download the definition, without having to download any card packs at all, which should make it easier to convince someone to try the game, when they don’t have to download 150Mb of files first.

Of course it’s always better to play with actual card art and flavour text, so I’ve also updates the available sets images available for download. I’ve now split the card images into two download bundles, one containing all properly scanned images, called the “High Quality Bundle” and one containing all those crappy, generated ones I lifted from LackeyCCG way back when I first started coding Doomtown on OCTGN ๐Ÿ™‚

You should definitely grab the first, but the latter is fairly difficult to read. You can always use the inspect function as always, but if you can live without card art, you can simply keep using the auto-generated proxy images instead, which should be far more legible.

Hopefully in the near future we’ll finally complete scanning all the Doomtown cards and provide it for download.

Until then, enjoy!

Jun 29

Assault on Echo Base now automated

Pushed version 2.2.1.x which provides automation for most cards in AoEB

  • Cards not scripted:
    • Col Serra (Only the Edge(1) is scripted)
    • Confronting the Terror
    • Corrupt Official
    • Echo Control Center
    • Knowledge and Defense
  • Cards with tricky scripting:
    • The General’s Imperative – Your reserve won’t be reduced when this objective is damaged. You’ll need to modify it manually
    • Sabotage in the Snow – It won’t autofire. You’ll need to double click it at the appropriate time. Target the cards for quicker results.
    • Turbolaser Battery – Won’t autofire. Double click on it to use it.
    • A Stinging Insult – Will engage only unfocused units
  • Fixed the placement of Edge Cards and Dummy cards to not force zoom out.
  • Double clicking an objective at the start of the game will now select it to put at the bottom of the deck.
Jun 29

The Assault on Echo Base has begun!

Assault on Echo Base Force PackThe new force pack is now available on OCTGN. Once your game automatically updates to v2.2.0.x you will see it in your deck editor.

This version does not include any card automations yet (albeit the default automations for resources and the like will still work). I will provide the automations and the censored card images soon enough, and I’ll also be uploading the uncensored core set since 6 months have passed since release.