Aug 01

Journey into Nyx Hi-Res now available

I have added the hi-res Journey Into Nyx card pack to the downloads page.

Jul 09

MTG Game Update 3.2.14 — M15 and Vintage Masters

The MTG Game Definition is now updated to include Vintage Masters and M15 (along with its tokens).  Image pack links can be found in the image packs tab.

Jun 06

MTG 3.2.13 Update – Conspiracy & Modern Event Deck

The MTG game definition has been updated with the Conspiracy and Modern Event Deck sets, along with their tokens.  Image packs for these two sets, as well as Jace vs Vraska and Hi-Res FTV 20 have been added to the image pack downloads page.

Apr 25

Journey to Nyx Low-Res

Journey Into Nyx has been released in low-res, you can get it here. (or click the image packs link up top)

Apr 16

Born of the Gods & Commander 2013 hi-res

The hi-res card packages for Born of the Gods & Commander 2013 are now available for download here.

Jan 03

Theros, M14, Heroes Vs Monsters Hi-Res Image Packs

The Theros, M14, and Duel Decks: Heroes vs Monsters HI-RES image packs are now available.  You can find the most updated links in the DOWNLOAD LINKS page.

Oct 30

MTG Game Update — Commander 2013

The latest game update includes the card data for Commander 2013.  The Low-Res images for the set can be found here:

The five pre-constructed decks for the set are also included.  In your Decks folder, go into the MTG folder, then the Commander folder, and you’ll find them alongside their original counterparts.

Sep 17

Theros LOW-RES and Heroes vs Monsters images


Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters: CLICK HERE

Aug 08

Modern Masters Hi-Res

the Modern Masters Hi-Res image pack is now available for download:

Jul 09

Where is Modern Masters & M14?

Hey all, we’ve had Modern Masters card data in the game def for a while, but they have been proxy images.  The source that makes the high-quality scans has had troubles acquiring a complete set to scan so it’s taken a lot longer than normal to release the image pack.

Here is a temporary image pack for Modern Masters, which contains older printings of the cards instead of the new ones: (Credit to [can’t remember who])  The proper image pack will be posted in the Downloads page when it is finished.

M14 card text will be added to the game in the next few days.