Mage Wars has been released

As I am sure everyone is aware of by now, there was a new release of OCTGN pushed out last night. I have been working with the dev team there for the last week or so and testing the fixes and several of my requested feature updates. Last night a final test build was rolled and pushed out and changed a requirement in the ScriptVersion of OCTGN itself, which I was unaware of and hadn’t tested. Any how things broke, I have most of them fixed with this release, there are a couple of items open that I am working on to get fixed before I roll the next release of the Mage Wars module. I will keep you updated here as always. Some of the things that are listed as fixed below will not work until the next release as Binding and Attaching are broken for now.

Now for the good news, with this release of OCTGN cards can have backs that are “different” in size/shape from the front of the cards. This means that Wall card (fronts) have been rotated 90 degrees and appear horizontal when you hover over them. Have no fear when they are face down the card back is the same as it is for all the other cards. Additionally we have a bit of new Chrome thanks to Schwenkgott, we have brand new shiny Phase Markers thanks to him.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Stanglevine is now fully automated, it applies damage to the creature it is attached to, when Upkeep is paid.
  • Vine Tree and Seedling Pods now work properly
  • Decoy can now be attached to Objects
  • Hidden Enchantments are no longer discussed in the games Chat Log
  • When you are prompted to Apply Damage you can now enter in a custom amount
  • The Wizard’s Tower can now cast spells
  • The Johktari BM’s Ranged +1 Trait no longer applies to Attack Spells.
  • Defensive Equipment now only  benefits the wearer
  • Card Data cleanup including, Circle of Light, Circle of Lightning, Promos: Bear Strength, Rhino Hide, and Lion Savagery

The updated image packs can be found at the same location as always.

Mage Wars is now live!

– Auto-roll for Initiate is now turned on automatically for you
– Brace Yourself now works with the BC
– Unneeded menu items have been removed

Mage Wars

v1.12.0.0 – The Battle Calculator is here!!!!!!

Lots and lots of exciting changes this with this release, most importantly the Battle Calculator. When you attack we will do the work and the math! Yes it is that cool you just choose which attack you want to use and we will do the rest….

Death Messages, yes we have a large library of message custom tailored for the creatures when they fall in battle!

Much much more to be explained!

Mage Wars

v1.11.2.0 – Minor fixes

Sorry for yet another point release. I left a bit of debug code in yesterday…

  • Fixed – One Player generating a Random Number during the Upkeep Phase
  • Fixed – Two pages of the Complex Codex v2 are missing

Unless I have introduced some other bug we should be stable and this hopefully will be the last update.

Mage Wars

v1.11.1.0 – Upkeep bug fixes

This release should resolve the following issues:

  • Hidden Enchantments with Upkeep prompting for payment
  • Psi-Orb has been automated
  • Cards being discarded for not having enough mana to pay for Upkeep when you have mana to pay

Note: With the release yesterday v2 of the Complete Codex can be found under game documents.

Mage Wars

v1.11.0.0 for Mage Wars has been released!

Hope you guys enjoy the first release of the New Year! Sadly this is the last release with lettucemode providing is help with the coding on the module. The good news is ACG has stepped up, and in a big way, to help enhance the module going forward.

His first touch and what a big one it is: Card attachments! You can drag and drop the card you wish to attach on to the target card and we will handle it from there! Now not much has been done on rules enforcement, but give him a bit of time and lets see what we can do!

Upkeep is now automated and will ask you to pay for your Upkeep during the Upkeep phase. Many bugs have been fixed, please look at the Changelog under Game Documents for more details.

What’s next? Well, we are moving to a quarterly release schedule for most updates. Hopefully Domination will be out by April and we can include that in the next release. Automation of Attachments will be fantastic as well as Attacks getting a major automation boost.

Thanks for you little ole Mage Wars Dev team! Have a Happy New Years!

Mage Wars

v1.10.0.0 Game Update – Mage Wars

This month goodies include the Gencon promos, a Spellbook importer, OP Kit 6 Promo’s, we have re-worked a section of code for casting spells and now calculate Magebind costs! See the changelog for full details. As always please let us know if you have any issues, find card data that is incorrect, or want to suggest future improvements or features.


Your friendly Mage Wars on OCTGN dev team!

Mage Wars

The v1.9.0.0 OCTGN module for Mage Wars is released!

Enhancements and Bugfixes for FiF! Take a look at the changelog to see what has changed and improved.

Mage Wars

Forged in Fire now supported with v1.8.0.0

It is finally here! Take a look at the changelog to see all the new features!

Mage Wars

Its been One Year!

The great and mighty cosworth put out the original release on the Mage Wars module for OCTGN yesterday! As a player I want to thank him for all of his hard work. As the maintainer (along with the always hard working letteucemode) I want to thank him for the inspiration, I have learned much along the way since taking over the reins.

All of those who play the game I want to give a big shout out to. If you didn’t play what would be the purpose!