Mar 29

New home!

We’ve finished setting up the new site to post updates and we are moving there. Bookmark or follow the new blog, however is the most convenient for you. And because resources are limited, the new site might not be as pretty as this one here. Pretty or not, it will serve its purpose of being an image site for AHLCG’s OCTGN module.

Say goodbye to this site, we’re moving to a new one! 😀

Mar 27

Moving home 😱

This is all happening so fast and all of a sudden! We’re moving the site to another home. The reason for this change is because the OCTGN developers are phasing out the now-obsolete sites.

We are setting up the new site at the moment, and we will make a new post linking to it once we’ve moved all the data there. Hang tight!

Other than the change in URL, everything will stay the same.

And with FFG’s delay in release until after April, there will only be an update for Weaver of the Cosmos on the day the pack is supposed to come out. Keep an eye on for the release next weekend.

Stay safe everyone.

Mar 24

The finale of The Dream-Eaters

We’re coming to the finish line for TDE! Campaign A has been released, and while we’re still waiting for the rest of Campaign B to come out, we have some updates for you guys.

As you may have noticed, we’ve reorganized the Image Pack page and group complete cycles into a single file for easy download and management. We will only do this when we have scans (not watermarked) images of the cards. And since Return to boxes are released way after the cycle is complete, you will see a separate entry for them under a complete cycle. Once the Return box is released, we will group it into the main cycle, like what you’re seeing with the Core, TDL and PTC.

You can also see that some files have .zip extension and some have .o8c. Because we want to release image packs in parallel with the module’s releases, we have to include watermarked images, as scanned images usually come later on. To differentiate, .zip files consist of watermarked images, while .o8c files have scanned (larger/more HQ) images.

What this means is that with this update, all packs up to 06.2 – A Thousand Shapes of Horror, and all standalone except Labyrinth and the Book series are scan images. And if you haven’t updated your card images yet, now’s a good time to do it. Just download the new files and install them on OCTGN, they’ll replace the old images.

We also sneaked in Hotel & Blob in an update for you. Check them out, they’re really interesting and fun scenarios.

Remember to check back in often to catch the last pack of TDE when you see an update for the game on OCTGN! When we have scans for the whole TDE, we’ll group it up too, so do redownload them to update your game. See you when The Insmouth Conpsiracy comes! Stay safe out there!

Feb 20


As some of you may have noticed, the Image Pack page has been updated with the latest pack released. Many of the newly added image packs are watermarked images already released on FFG’s official site so we’re just repackaging them into OCTGN image packs for you. We will continue to try our best to procure HQ images to replace and release them after the 6-months period as has been the rules here.

The AHLCG plugin in OCTGN have also been updated, and from now on, the watermarked image packs will be released along with each update patch for the plugin. Be sure to check back regularly.

The User Guide has also been updated, so you can go there and check it out. There we have written down how you can run the game, how to set it up, as well as tips and tricks on how to make the most use out of the infrastructure we have.

Let us know what you think, and contact us at the Mythos Buster’s Discord server!