Jul 08


  • Strike Back implemented, various automations added (thanks to Zerovash)
  • Metamorph and gear removal implemented (credits to mighty)
  • Various set data and image fixes

Image Pack fix with 3 missing cards

Jun 28

Forums are up

A message board has been set up to handle bug reports and facilitate game discussion and tournaments. Be sure to register if you are interested in the game or ongoing development of the plugin.
Duel Masters OCTGN Forums

If you wish to contribute to the project, the source code of the plugin can be accessed here:
Github Repository

Also, work is in progress for upcoming release of Phoenix Saga set block. Stay tuned for further updates!

Jun 21


  • A large number of card effects were automated to facilitate gameplay.
  • Various errors in the set data were corrected
  • Some missing cards like Dark Hydra added
Jun 19

Duel Masters OCG released

This is the Japanese version of the Duel Masters plugin for OCTGN. The initial release contains all cards till Set-17 including Promos and DMC packs. To play, simply install ‘Duel Masters OCG’ from the game feed.