Star Wars CCG: A New Hope


The “A New Hope” expansion of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game by Decipher is now available on OCTGN.

This 162 card set expands coverage of events from what is now called Episode 4, including the battle of Yavin and destruction of the first Death Star.

The o8c image packs are available on the image packs page.  Click “A New Hope” for the black-bordered set, or “A New Hope Revised” for the white-bordered set.  As before, installing one pack will over-write the other so your most recent installation will be the one that you see on the table.

*Note that the black-bordered cards actually contain the “revised” text rather than the original text as published.


Star Wars CCG Jedi / Rebel Leaders Packs

Star Wars CCG (Decipher) on OCTGN has been updated to include the Jedi & Rebel Leaders Packs.

These packs were produced in 1996 in response to the criticism that the mains in the Premiere set were too rare and difficult to get.  They were given away as swag at conventions and tournaments, and were available by direct mail upon request from Decipher.

The o8c image packs are available as well, on the image packs page.


Star Wars CCG update

By popular demand, the Star Wars CCG database has now been simplified to facilitate deck building!

deckbuilderAs you can see, all of the icon fields are now summarized in a new field called “Icons”.  The legend is contained in the card shown above.  This new card has the title “GameAid” and is in the new “Markers” set.  Download the markers set here.



Star Wars CCG Premiere Limited Set

hansolo obiwankenobi lukeskywalker  darthvader


The o8c image pack for the Premiere Limited (black border) set of Star Wars CCG by decipher is now available here.  This is a great set containing a lot of mains and many classic Star Wars locations.


  • If you have been using the Premiere Unlimited (white bordered) image pack, be aware that it will be overwritten if you now install the Premiere Limited (black bordered) image pack.  If you want to revert to the white bordered images at some point, simply reinstall the Premiere Unlimited image pack.
  • I’m also pushing out a game update which adds the property “rarity” to the card database, in case we decide to develop some type of sealed or booster draft format in the future.
  • I have also changed the set GUIDs of the Premiere and Intro2Player sets to keep the correct sort order in the deck editor.  If you have previously installed those image packs, you will need to re-download and re-install them.  The links on the Image Packs page now point to the correct versions.  The game itself will auto-update when you start octgn. Your saved decks will not be affected.
  • If you need the disk space, you can delete the following 2 folders:






Star Wars CCG – Premiere Unlimited and Introductory 2-Player o8c’s


The o8c image pack for the Premier set of Star Wars CCG is now available for download here:

Also available are the 6 premium cards available only in the Introductory Two-Player Game:

Download these o8c’s then install them by clicking “add image packs” under “games manager”.