Patch Notes

My Little Pony CCG Update Bug Fixes #1

Patch Notes


  • Added Transform 2 to the cost req system, now the game will ask if you want to pay the Transform cost instead
  • Fixed the meticulous system to handle Meticulous 2 properly
  • Fixed a bug which causes the “End your turn?” choice box to appear for the non active player if they pressed Tab
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to set a pause even when the game has not been started
  • Tidied the code a bit and closed off some potential loopholes
  • Added some debug messages to try and pinpoint the Tab bug (Don’t worry, you shouldn’t see these messages unless you break the game. Do send me the whole message and a small description of what you did if you see any of these messages!)

NOTE: Villain Challenge is BROKEN in this version. Please download this version of the game if you wish to play Villain Challenge. Instructions to install this version of the game can be found in the txt file included.

The previous post did not age well… Anyways, this is the first round of bug fixes, more might come if I can fix the remaining bugs. So far I have yet to find a solution to a bug that would prevent a player from using Tab to go to the next phase.

If you encounter that bug or any other bugs, please run the Octgn.LogExporter.exe at your OCTGN folder in Program Files and send the zip file to me through my email ( or Discord. Please also state the date and time of when the bug occurred so I can sift through the logs faster.

That’s all from me, if you wish to contribute to the development of MLP CCG OCTGN, I have set up a GitHub page where you can fork the repo and make your own changes. Once your changes are reviewed, I will add your code to the live build.
GitHub page: