Patch Notes

My Little Pony CCG Update New Phase System

Patch Notes


  • Added new phase system with phase pausing function
  • Fixed the red errors popping up when triggering the next phase without loading deck or setting it up (F12)
  • A new message to tell new players to load and setup their deck before they can start a turn
  • Fixed the meticulous system, now it shows only one card at a time and loops as many times as defined
  • Added Meticulous under Special Abilities menu so you can trigger it if you accidentally closed it (ALT+M)
  • Added Fire of Friendship into the color req system, all players need to do is to add a color token of their choosing onto the card and the play req will be reduced

NOTE: Villain Challenge is BROKEN in this version. Please download this version of the game if you wish to play Villain Challenge. Instructions to install this version of the game can be found in the txt file included.

The next update might take a while before it comes out as I will be experimenting with major features such as auto saving and loading the game state.

If you wish to contribute to the development of MLP CCG OCTGN, I have set up a GitHub page where you can fork the repo and make your own changes. Once your changes are reviewed, I will add your code to the live build.
GitHub page: