Patch Notes

My Little Pony CCG Update Sands of Time/Queen Chrysalis VC

Patch Notes


  • Added Sands of Time set
  • Added Queen Chrysalis challenge
  • Made problem cards on table look bigger
  • Fix invalid key binding for face off flip and flip card action

CTRL+F is now used for face off flips, previously it was F10
SHIFT+F7 is now used for flipping cards, previously it was F9

For the next update, I will be reworking the phase system and fixing the meticulous system. For more details and a sneak peak, please join the discord group.

If you wish to contribute to the development of MLP CCG OCTGN, I have set up a GitHub page where you can fork the repo and make your own changes. Once your changes are reviewed, I will add your code to the live build.
GitHub page: