If you do not know how to play Android:Netrunner yet, then your first stop is the official video tutorial by Fantasy Flight games. It’s very high quality and an excellent introduction into the rules

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, then before you jump into OCTGN, you should really take the time to watch the OCTGN use tutorial, to understand the basics of using the engine to play efficiently. This will make your first playthrough much more enjoyable.

The use tutorial is a bit obsolete by now, but the core mechanics have not changed a lot. You can also check this step-by-step guide by Tuism

Finally, we suggest you download and have the keyboard shortcuts sheet open while you play. While you can see the same things by right clicking on the tabletop, or a card, it might make things easier to find and get used to.

3 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Hi, I created a Netrunner corp deck, saved ok, loaded ok. But when I tried to Set Up a new Game, it told me “Load deck first!” I’m on an older laptop running XP Pro, could that be a problem?

  2. New to the game I wonder if one can play a solo game, either according some rules floating around or as 1 player playing both sides. I dunno if you can have 2 sessions on 1 pc with 1 or 2 logins.

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