Jul 27

A:NR beginner’s tournament

dimsumdarren of Easy Mark fame has decided to run an online A:NR tournament for beginners. If you think this is something you’d like to participate in, go and join now!.

Jul 18

Second pair of match casts for the ANR Invitational published

Similar to the previous post, the next 2 matchups for the Invitational have been posted. These are the games I played against Alexfrog and also Orange Devil VS Asroybal

Post Game Interview

Post Game Interview


Jul 08

First match casts of the A:NR Invitational Tournament have been posted

In case you didn’t know, there’s an invitational tournament going on at the moment. 4 known community members and 4 known strategists have been invited to participate in this small 3-round single-eliminaton tournament. The idea being that people with interesting ideas will make interesting decks to play each other while other good players record and comment on the gameplay. Read the link above for the full details.

I was included as part of the community members and decided to participate as part of the community members and I went in with my NBN “Flytrap” and my Kate “Fast-Hate” deck and played my matches yesterday. I’m not going to post my results yet though, until those videos are posted so you’ll have to wait to head my thoughts until then.

However the first two matchups of shobalk VS jopejope and Tuism VS sydwys8 have been posted online, so just make space for three hours to enjoy some high-level and experienced play

Post-Game Interview: Jopejope and Shobalk