Aug 22

A Game With Sound

I just played an interesting game with my NBN “Flytrap” that I think nicely shows off the new sound effects I’ve implemented in the game.

I’m still working on them, but I think we’re on a good path.

Aug 21

Sound Effects now available

Following in the footsteps of Star Wars: The Card Game, I’ve now implemented the first batch of sound effects for Android: Netrunner as well, following the initial suggestions in the Sound Project thread.

For those who are not aware, sounds are a fairly recent functionality of OCTGN, that is available only for subscribers. They are short clips that play when specific events happen in the game, such as taking a credit, or doing net damage and so on.

Taking a Credit:

Net Damage:

I’ve been trying to add sounds that are thematic enough, but of course I don’t always have good options so I’m using what’s available, or what some people like Martin Boiselle and Andres Zarta have been good enough to make or help me find. Mad props to Martin for actually making new sounds from scratch just for ANR on OCTGN 🙂

Nevertheless, sometimes a sound might be too annoying, or just too long. If you find that one particular SFX is starting to grate on your nerves, do speak up, either in the sound project threat, or just open an issue ticket in github, and I’ll attempt to find an alternative.

Same applies in case you find or make a SFX that better fits in place of an existing sound. Nothing is set in stone and I’ll keep replacing and adding sounds as long as better ones come around.

Finally, if you’re one of those people who just don’t want any sounds, you can always just turn them off from OCTGN or ANR game settings.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

Aug 17

The ANR sound effects project

I quite liked how sound effects turned out in the SW LCG, so I decided to implement them in ANR as well. Head over to BGG if you’d like to help.