Aug 19

Moving to the Open

v3.3.0.x brings with it the much awaited first pack of the Spin Cycle. You can now power down your icebreakers and I’ll do the same to my AP sentries, alright?

Card images are not available yet, but I should have those uploaded soon enough. Until then use the auto-generated proxies.
Not much mechanical updates in the version, but I have added some pretty neat stuff in the previous 3 updates, It’s all in the changelog but I’m putting it all below because I know you’re all lazy bastards 😛


  • New game definition for Opening Moves. As always, almost every card scripted!
  • Cards NOT automated:
    • Project Ares (It will just an appropriate amount of agenda markers to reming you how many to trash)
    • False Echo (It will just announce what needs to happen, but the corp will have to do it manually)
  • Trickier Automations
    • Pawn: Its placement is not automated. To Rehost it, just target the ICE you want, double click it and select the first option
    • Rook: Its placement is not restricted. To rehost it, just target an appropriate ICE and double click it. It also does not increase costs, you’ll have to take care of this manually.
    • Invasion of Privacy: When the trace succeeds, the runners hand will go on the table. As the corporation, target the cards you can and want to trash and press “Del” for each one. Then the runner can press ‘Yes’ to retieve their hand back.
  • Disabled hand shuffling because I’m hearing reports about weird bugs coming from it.


  • Significant Game will now flip the board if the corp is on position B, or the runner in position A. many thanks to OCTGN for implementing the API to make this possible.
  • Deck checking will now happen on deck load rather than setup. Game will pop-up a window if you have an illegal deck
  • Game will now auto-update the tags on the runner ID, even if they were modified manually
  • Game now more robust if someone manually drags a card off the table. Game will now clear attachment links to prevent mess-ups.


  • Made all pop-up warnings once-only
  • Removed game action to hide newbie warning since they’re all disabled after the first time now
  • The Source and Chakana will now increase advancement costs
  • Fixed Crash Space not properly trashing when triggered during damage
  • Fixed Mulligan not shuffling correctly on single player.


  • HQ access now adds larger artificial delay after each pick to obscure whether the runner has seen the same card in HQ before
  • HQ will now be shuffled before runner access.
  • Tested HQ Access randomness. It works fine you monkeys!