Sep 05

2 Games with some funky corps

In recent days I’ve been playtesting some new ideas about corp strategies, and I ended up with some quite interesting games played which I’ve recorded and uploaded for your pleasure.

First it’s a game between Jinteki: Replicating Perfection and The Professor. It’s a horizontal deck concept, containing just 10 ICE, which I primarily use to cover my centrals, in order to tax the runner when running on any of my servers, which in turn have high cost assets and upgrades along with Encryption Protocols, to make trashing prohibitive.

The Second is a game between Cerebral Imaging and Rielle. The CI deck is built around abusing the extended handsize and Celebrity Gifts. It keeps recursing them via Jackson Howard and Archived Memories which effectively provides me with an on-demand Melange which cannot be trashed, as long as I’m holing an Archived Memories in hand. This provides a fairly solid economy, capable of supporting multiple high-cost Bioroids.