99th statsEver since Sep 2012, I’ve been gathering statistics from completed OCTGN games of A:NR. That is, games which ended with one player winning the game before shutting down their client. Some basic number crunching based on those is always displayed at the slaghund website, but during the course of the past year, I’ve been regularly releasing data dumps for people to do more advanced work on.

And people have indeed delivered!

Below you can find a number of very interesting articles that I’ve seen online. Do take a look for some interesting insights into the balance of Android:Netrunner.

Raw Data

You can find the latest anonymized data dump here (>400k Matches), if you’re interested to do you own analysis. Please do share any interesting insights if you do.

Note: If you want to crunch the statistics by Data Pack, the different significant versions usually signify a new available data pack. So for example 3.9.x introduced Double Time, and 3.8.x rezzed Fear and Loathing. Check the Changelog for the details.

Past Analysis

Here you will find some number crunching that happened in the last. The info here is probably made obsolete by later data, but you might find some info of how things changed over time.



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