Stat-tracking for League and Tournaments

I see various people running their own little leagues and tournaments but usually nobody bothers to inform me about them, or make sure their stats can be correctly tracked. Usually this is not a problem, but if there is any confusion, and you want me to inform you of the stats of how a particular match ended, that is not easily achievable, as non-league stats are hidden by default and I need a full export to reach them, which can take some time.

A better solution would be, as a league organizer, to make sure you contact me to tag your league matches within the code of ANR in OCTGN. This way I can both retrieve a matches stats easier, and I can even provide a full statistics spreadsheet for your tournament or league after it’s finished.

All  you need to do is contact me and let me know two things:

  • Name of the League or Tournament (e.g. “Accelerated Beta League“)
  • Unique game tag that all your participants will be using in their game title. (e.g. “[BGG-L02]“). The tag should always be surrounded by [square brackets] to distinguish it in the title.
    Using this tag in the title will automatically mark a game as a league match, but even if you forget, you can use the game menu to record the match for the league.

So send me those details before you’re about to begin and I’ll make sure you matches are tagged properly in the statistics. If you don’t however, please do not ask me for individual game stats, as that’s far too much effort on my behalf.

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